15 Best Bathroom Ideas

8th Apr 2020

15 Best Bathroom Ideas

From colourful subways on the wall to replicating natural materials like marble on the floor, there are so many different ways to go when choosing bathroom tiles. At Tile Space we have over 1000 lines and more than 200,000 meters in our Auckland warehouse ranging from Decorative, Wood Look, Concrete Look, Marble-Look and everything in between. Porcelain tile is an ideal choice for areas in the home of high traffic and will outperform other tiles in both long- term appearance and durability. They are also the perfect choice for wet areas as they are water resistant so can be used in showers for floor and wall. Tiles are good heat conductors too, so consider underfloor heating for those colder months. 

With so many choices in tile, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Check out our 15 Best Bathroom Ideas and be inspired to start creating your dream space. 

Floor & Wall Tile: Marvel Calacatta

Floor & Wall Tile: Cementia Grey Matt 750x750

Floor & Wall Tile: Beren Light Grey 900x900

Wall Tile: Brera Off White Mosaic 600x600 photo credit Gezellig Interiors

Floor Tile: Goroka Grafito 200x200 Wall Tile: Diesel Camp Mix 100x300

Floor Tile: Ladaki Gris 200x200

Floor Tile: HarrowGrafito 316x316

Floor Tile: Marra Flower  Wall Tile: Super White Stitch Mosaic