Spotlight on... Timber Look Tiles

10th Apr 2020

Spotlight on... Timber Look Tiles

Tile technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in the past 5 years and one of the major improvements is in realistic ink jet printing on porcelain tiles, giving us incredible wood look tile designs that won't fade, scratch, warp or wear over time. 

They are a great option for areas with high UV and families with kids and pets or if you want a special aged design that's hard to achieve with brand new timber.

The creativity of modern timber look designs is stunning, as evidence by one of our most popular tiles, called Jacaranda. It replicates the look of old painted timber, with a high variation between pieces, which adds such an incredible authenticity to the design, people will not believe that it's porcelain tile!

At Tile Space we have a huge range of timber look tiles, in all sorts of colours and variations. Pop into your nearest store and one of our expert design consultants can show you all of the options, or browse our range of timber look tiles here.