8 Of The Best Kitchen Splashback Ideas For NZ Homes

2nd Jun 2023

8 Of The Best Kitchen Splashback Ideas For NZ Homes

Feel like your kitchen could do with a lift? Updating your splashback can be a quick fix that isn't too costly but adds a big impact to your kitchen. With such a wide range of colours and designs being available,kitchen splashback tiles are becoming a popular choice, as stainless steel and glass splashbacks are slowly falling out of fashion, and it’s easy to see why. A tiled splashback is low maintenance, easy to clean, and cost-effective. Plus, there are so many options to choose from; decorative and geometric patterns, marble and concrete look slabs, and much, much more.


At Tile Space, we are all about beautiful, contemporary kitchen design. Our interior designers and tile experts have worked together to curate eight of the most popular, stylish and practical kitchen splashback ideas in NZ at the moment to inspire you in your renovation or new build project.


But that’s not all; we’ve taken the time to answer some of the biggest questions you’ll come across when it comes to styling or selecting splashback tiles. So, let’s get started!


The 8 Splashback Tile Ideas We Absolutely Love


1. Finger Tiles/Kit Kat Tiles For Splashbacks

Yubi Blossom Gloss Finger Mosaic

Get ready to fall in love with finger mosaic tiles! Sleek and slim, these tiny tiles are taking the design world by storm. You can call them finger tiles, mosaics or kit kat tiles, but one thing's for sure - they're absolutely stunning.

Perfect for kitchen splashbacks, these tiles are roughly the size of a kit-kat- how cute is that? Don't be fooled by their small size, though - they pack a serious design punch.

With a huge range of colours and tones to choose from, you can easily incorporate them into any interior style, from modern minimalism to heavenly heritage homes or dramatic new builds.

Here are a few more of our favourite finger tiles for splashbacks.

Yubi Sake Gloss Finger Mosaic Tile

Yubi Storm Gloss Finger Mosaic

Asta Olive Green Matt Finger Mosaic Tile

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2. Vertically-Stacked Splashback Tiles

Artisan White Gloss 6.5x20


Vertically stacked tiles like our Artisan White Gloss 6.5x20 are a great choice for kitchen splashbacks as they create an illusion of space.

The sleek lines of the vertical stack can elongate the kitchen, making it look taller and more spacious. This is perfect for those who want to make their kitchen splashback stand out without compromising on the size of their kitchen spaces.

Piastrella Aqua Mix 5x25


3. Textured Effect/ 3D Splashback Tiles

Costa Onda Tansy Green Matt 5x20

Splashbacks featuring 3D effect tiles, like our Costa Onda Tansy Green Matt, are sure to draw attention with their elevated designs.

Their sculptural surface is a true work of art. With the ability to bounce light off their surface, 3D tiles can create a mesmerizing play of shadows and texture.

Explore our textured/ 3D tile collection here.


4. Rustic, Stone-Look And Handmade Splashback Tiles

Village Mushroom Gloss 6.5x20

Stone-look and handmade-look tiles are perfect for rustic-style kitchens with their combination of earthy colours and textures.

Above pattern, colour and, shape, texture reigns supreme with rustic tiles like our Village Mushroom Gloss and Rewind Polvere

Rewind Polvere


5. Slab Tile Splashback For A Matte Black Kitchen Design

Metaline Iron Matt 120x260 6mm

For a modern kitchen that’s sophisticated and sleek, go for dramatic slab tile splashback in matte black using our Metaline Iron Matt 120x260 6mm.

If you want a bit of variation, swap the Metaline Iron Matt with our Marvel Noir Polish 75x150 - an impressive black marble-look tile in XL Format. 

Marvel Noir Polish 75x150

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6. Unique Backsplash Tile Looks

Medley Green Classic 60

Add some drama to your backsplash by incorporating unique tiles ranging from trendy terrazzo to charming handmade-look tiles.

Terrazzo tiles like our Medley Green Classic 60 are trending right now, as they add a contemporary edge to any kitchen. Meanwhile, handmade-look tiles like theFika Bianco Matt strike a balance between classic and contemporary.

Fika Bianco Matt 10x20

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7. Bold-Coloured Splashback Tiles

Vibe In Newport Green Matt 6.5x20

Not a fan of a classic white kitchen? Then it’s good news for you because colourful kitchens are in! This Newport Green Matt tile is a great example of how you can use tile to bring a pop of colour into the kitchen. The variation and texture work to make the colour blocking feel organic without losing any of its punch.

Here are three favourites from our range of colourful kitchen tiles.

Terralma Serido Matt 9x37

Costa Onda Terra Matt 5x20