Wedi to simplify your waterproofing installation

Wedi is a powerful and easy-to-install waterproofing system for internal wet areas.

Backed with Codemark certification and BRANZ appraisal ready for NZ use.


✓ A 3-in-1 waterproofing solution that replaces your plasterboards, screeds and waterproofing membranes
✓ Lightweight - This means easy to transport, much less carbon emissions, and easy to install
✓ German engineered and proven for over 35 years
✓ Shortens installation time from 3 days to 3 hours
✓ 100% waterproof and mould proof shower system
✓ 15 year full replacement warranty - backed by Wedi and Tile Space







100% waterproof – with manufacturer‘s guarantee

15 yeay full replacement warranty

Fastest installation of waterproof, custom tiled showers in the industry

Multiple customisable products sizes

Natural protection against mould

Ready to tile upon installation – Any size or type tile & stone

Application of WEDI Building Panels

The Ultimate Tile Backerboard

wedi Building Panels are so much more than a simple tile backer board and offer endless installation opportunities. Available in a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes, they are compatible with virtually any substructure. wedi Building Panels are lightweight, internally waterproof and dimensionally stable, making them fast, clean and simple to work with. The blue waterproof core is CFC- and HBCD free, made from waterproof extruded polystyrene foam, reinforced with fiberglass mesh on both sides and coated with synthetic polymer resin mortar which fully embeds the mesh layer resulting in the panel‘s strength and the ability to develop highest adhesion strength to virtually any type of Thinbed Mortar. The embedded mesh eliminates the risk of delamination of installation layers.


The wedi Building Panel combines the benefits of the latest manufacturing technology and material quality with sound and traditional benefits our trades enjoy. wedi Building Panels are waterproof, lightweight, easy and clean to cut and still incredibly strong and bond friendly for use with any type of thinset mortar application. The wedi Building Panel can be tiled with all types of ceramic, glass or stone tile whether they are mosaic or large format tiles. Especially large and thin tile benefits of the durability of the wedi Building Panel and the even surface it provides.


wedi Building Panels' reinforced cement resin surface offers a superior bond surface to virtually any tile and stone or tile adhesive. No delamination no surprises.



The blue XPS core is 100% waterproof and remains fully functional even after possible partial damage. Our XPS brand foam is specially engineered for 100 % consistency of it‘s closed cell structure.



All building panel systems have great heat insulation properties, save energy costs and provide long-term protec-tion against mould due to its inorganic nature and ability to safely waterproof.



wedi Building Panels can be safely adhered and sealed in assemblies using wedi Joint Sealant: strong reinforcement, bond and waterproofing with virtually no build up as with conventional taping. As no other seal is necessary, crafts-men benefit from increased protection accompanied by a shorter surface preparation time before tiling starts.



wedi Videos

How to create a wedi walk in shower which can be tiled the same day

How to create a single fall, waterproof and ready to tile linear drain shower using our wedi Fundo Lundo Riolito shower base.

wedi in New Zealand

Exclusively distributed by Tile Space
wedi is great but don't just take our word for it.
Hear what Kiwi installers have to say about wedi.


"Very impressed with the product so far and continue to be more impressed as time goes on" Mark H tiling


Easy to create walk in showers, without cutting into the joists.


Easy to create a perfectly plumb substrate & adjust the layout to suite the tile.


Strong, light and can be cut with a craft knife

wedi® FAQ

Where can I buy the wedi® waterproofing system?

wedi® is exclusively distributed by Tile Space in New Zealand which means you can buy wedi® products and accessories and get support only from Tile Space branches and from our retail partners.

Where can I get pricing or quote on wedi® waterproofing system?

You can get quotes and pricing from any of the Tile Space branches and from our retail partners.

Please ensure you provide as much detail to your project such as, but not limited to: measurements, substrates, plans, images, etc.

Find a store near you and let's get you a quote.

Is training required to install wedi® waterproofing systems? Where can I get training?

Yes training is highly required to become a wedi® Certified Installer.

We are currently offering this course online so get amongst it and register for the next available one.

Become a wedi® Certified Installer Online!

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