Tile Space 15 Year System Warranty

  • For more than 33 years the team at Tile Space has been selecting the best styles and quality tiles from a wide range of suppliers from around the world. With this experience, and combined with the right installation using ASA or Mapei Adhesives and waterproofing, we can provide a 15 year Extended System Warranty for all products (tiles, grouts, adhesives) purchased from Tile Space.


Tile Space will, at its option, repair or replace at its own cost any
products supplied which are defective or have failed due to any defect
arising within 15 years of the invoice date (“Warranty Period”) subject
to the terms and conditions set out in this Warranty. Any repair or
replacement work under the Warranty shall also include the reasonable
cost (excluding travel costs) of the labour involved but all repair or
replacement work under the Warranty must be authorised in writing by
Tile Space prior to the commencement of any such work.
(a) The Warranty applies only to products purchased from Tile Space
and specifically listed in the invoice.
(b) The Warranty does not apply or extend to, or in any way cover:
(i) variations in shade and size between the sample and the
delivered products or within batches of the products (due to the
manufacturing process by which tiles are produced variation
in shade and size is inevitable and not a defect; sizes indicated
are nominal only; actual sizes can and will vary between batches
and suppliers; when mixing tiles compatibility should be confirmed
prior to purchase);
(ii) any cost beyond bare replacement of any defective products
where any defect is detectable by reasonable inspection prior to
installation (the purchaser is responsible for checking the products
prior to installation);
(iii) normal wear and tear;
(iv) failure of any of the products arising from:
a. any use of the products outside of the technical
specifications, manufacturers’ recommendations and
product guidelines (including any tile selection or product
guides produced by Tile Space), details of which are
available on request;
b. any use of the products other than for their intended
c. inadequate substrate preparation;
d. substrate movement; or
e. substandard installation or workmanship;
(v) failure arising from causes other than normal use and weather
conditions, including (without limitation) impacts with objects,
earthquake, flood, fire or other acts of God, sustained cascading
or pooling of water, or other causes beyond Tile Space’s control;
(vi) failure arising from use of any of the products other than in
accordance with current building code standards or applicable
laws, or where any required Code Compliance Certificate is not
(vii) failure arising from use of any product not supplied by Tile
(viii) failure arising from accident, misuse, sabotage, vandalism,
contaminated fluids or neglect or failure to operate, store and/or
maintain any of the products in accordance with good practice;
(ix) failure arising from the use of a high pressure cleaner;
(x) failure arising from any negligent act or omission of any
person other than employees of Tile Space; or
(xi) any consequential loss whether direct or indirect including,
but not limited to, wasted time, materials or expenditure or loss of
use, profit, production, revenue, expected savings or goodwill.
(c) The Warranty applies only to products supplied and does not extend
to any services, assistance or information provided by Tile Space
(whether as to the selection of goods, product installers, or otherwise).
Any such information is provided on an inexpert basis and the purchaser
must rely upon their own judgment and research in relation to the use,
fixing, installation or incorporation of the products. Tile Space shall not
be liable in negligence or otherwise for any assistance so provided.

In order to obtain the benefit of the Warranty, the purchaser must comply
with the following provisions:
(a) Within 90 days after the installation date and 6 months of the invoice
date, the purchaser must complete the installation record and warranty
(b) if any product failure or defect occurs or appears within the Warranty
Period,the Purchaser must:
(i) advise in writing to Tile Space at or PO Box
12378, Penrose, Auckland 1642 full particulars of the products
and of the failure or defect within 30 days of the fault becoming
(ii) provide Tile Space with the completed customer copy of the
Installation Record Card relating to the products;
(iii) return to Tile Space at the purchaser’s cost any of the
products which have not been installed before such defect
appeared or such failure occurred or appeared; and
(iv) allow Tile Space and any employee or agent of Tile Space
reasonable access to inspect any of the products installed
and to inspect the installation of the products, before any
remedial work is commenced.
If a claim made under the Warranty is accepted then Tile Space will at
its sole cost repair or replace any of the products which are defective or
have failed. Repairs or replacement will be scheduled and performed
in accordance with normal work flow and the timing of any repair
or replacement may depend upon the availability of replacement
components. Tile Space recommends that the purchaser obtain and retain
additional products to allow for wastage on installation and for any
necessary repairs whether covered by warranty or otherwise as the same
batch may not be available at a future date. If the same batch is not
available for any repair under warranty then Tile Space shall
be entitled to substitute any product within its current range which will
provide a reasonable match.
To the extent permitted under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993:
a) Tile Space will not be liable to any purchaser or any other person for
any loss of profits or any consequential, indirect or special loss, damage
or injury of any kind however caused (including negligence) arising
directly or indirectly from or in connection with any of the
products and/or any failure of or any fault in any of the products.
(b Tile Space’s liability in respect of all claims for loss, damage or injury
however arising shall:
(i) not in aggregate exceed the price paid by the purchaser for
the products; and
(ii) cover only the product/area which is defective, not the entire
surface unless otherwise agreed).
(c) Except as expressly set out in this Warranty and Tile Space’s Terms
and Conditions of Sale, all terms, conditions, warranties, undertakings,
inducements or representations whether expressed, implied, statutory or
otherwise, relating to the products are excluded.
Tile Space’s Terms and Conditions of Sale shall continue to apply to all
products supplied by Tile Space, provided however that in the event of
conflict between this Warranty and the Terms and Conditions of Sale, this
Warranty shall prevail to the extent of the conflict.
Tile Space alone has the exclusive right to determine whether or not the
Warranty extends to a claim made by the purchaser.