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Ecostone Terrazzo is the result of 20 years of research into creating terrazzo tiles using an innovative Vacuum packing with vibro-compaction process which results in tiles that are less porous than traditional terrazzo and are suitable for high traffic commercial areas.


The result is a completely natural product made from marble, calcareous rock, granite, siliceous stone, and cement and water. Elegant with an agreeable aesthetic experience at the same time they are particularly suited for high traffic commercial areas. Ecostone is proven in areas from residential homes to airports, hospitals, schools, and shopping centres.


Advantages of Ecostone

Endless Variety Environmentally Friendly 75% Stone

Available in a large range of colours and coloured aggregates of marble, calcaerous rock, granite and siliceous stone. As well as a range of finishes & sizes from the Italian factory. Custom colours & designs are also available upon request in reasonable size runs.

Ecostone is made with 100% recycled offcuts from marble and stone quarries. As well as siliceous sand mixed with cement and water. Ecostone does not contain resins or hazardous materials and Ecostone can be restored and renovated many times after installation by polishing on site.

The large amount of stone and marble in Ecostone (about 75% of it's composition) gives a natural, full and enviable appearance. This factor is also responsible for the fantastic resistance to abrasion as well as it’s relative strength with regards to other cement terrazzo products.

  • Ecostone Custom Made in Italy

    Ecostone is available in a wide range of colours, aggregates, sizes & finishes, which can be readily applied to a diverse range of architectural spaces as well as custom colours and materials for an individually tailored solution.

A few of our favourite Ecostone Solutions
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