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Introducing Gecko Tiles

Gecko Finish, A game-changing solution for safer wet areas and our latest advancement in tile technology!


Gecko Tiles heralds a new era in tile technology, available at Tile Space. This innovative glazing process redefines safety by creating a remarkably smooth yet slip-resistant surface, setting a new standard for unparalleled safety in wet environments. This breakthrough technology enables seamless tile integration across a wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces.


Traditionally, selecting tiles for different areas required finding designs with varying finishes. With Gecko Tiles, this complexity is eliminated, providing a single-tile solution that ensures uniformity throughout your space, which is perfect for modern open-plan living.


What sets Gecko Tiles apart is its approach. Unlike conventional slip-resistance methods that rely on gritty textures, Gecko Tiles utilise a fine, uniform coating of nanoparticles during production, mimicking the gripping ability of a gecko lizard on surfaces such as walls and ceilings.


This results in a consistently smooth yet reliably slip-resistant finish that lasts the lifespan of your tiles. Experience effortless continuity in your projects with Gecko—an innovation that prioritises safety and elevates the style of wet areas.

Considerations for using Gecko tiles:

  • Gecko tiles are ideal for bathrooms, decks, and other wet areas where a low-slip surface is required.
  • In areas where low slip is of utmost importance, such as pools or walkways, traditional non-slip tiles will be a safer choice.
  • The fine surface texture of Gecko Tiles may require more frequent cleaning compared to smooth tiles. Be cautious when using light colours in high-traffic areas to avoid visible soiling.

Our Collection

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Crafted to deliver exceptional performance, this innovative solution offers a seamless blend of sophistication and safety. Featuring a smooth texture when dry and enhanced slip resistance when wet, Gecko Finish is ideally suited for bathrooms, decks, and other wet areas where a low-slip surface is required.

This cutting-edge collection not only elevates your space aesthetically but also prioritises safety, providing a practical yet stylish solution for various environments.

An excellent option for commercial projects and aged care facilities, or those that want additional safety in their home.

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