Concrete Tile Trend: 6 of The Best Concrete Look Tiles for NZ

25th Nov 2022

Concrete Tile Trend: 6 of The Best Concrete Look Tiles for NZ

Moody hues, soft greys, and eye-catching shapes. Concrete-look tiles are so much more than a square slab of mid-grey (although, in the right spot, a square concrete tile can be exquisite).

With a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, a concrete look tile is a modern and versatile choice that won’t date.


Here’s what this guide covers,

- Subway Concrete Tiles 

- Terrazzo

- Waterfall rectangle

- Mosaic

- Industrial

- Coloured


What are concrete-look tiles?

Concrete-look tiles capture the raw, stony appeal of poured concrete in a durable, low-maintenance ceramic or porcelain material.

Ceramics and porcelains often come with a glaze on the top of the tile, meaning the tile is non-porous and resistant to water damage and staining.

The options are endless for walls, floors or splashbacks, polished or matt finishes, large format or small mosaic.

See what you can achieve with a concrete-look tile in your home.

grey tiles

Check out this beautiful pairing of the Cementia Grey 75 tile in combination with a Carrara marble hexagon mosaic feature wall.


Are concrete tiles expensive?

As with anything, there is a range of prices for concrete-look tiles, depending on the size, quality and variation in the tile you choose.

Concrete tiles can be more affordable and lower maintenance than pouring and sealing a real concrete floor.

Unlike poured concrete, tiles don’t need regular sealing, grinding, or polishing. Individual tiles can be repaired and replaced much easier than a crack in a concrete slab floor.

To achieve a naturally varied look, choose a tile that has a higher shade variation rating and a number of faces.

  • Shade variation: ranges from V1, where there is a little variation from tile to tile, to V4 with substantial variation between colour and pattern.
  • Faces refer to the number of different patterns and colours across the individual tiles in an item. The number of faces can vary from one on basic tiles to 30+ on premium ranges.


6 of The Best Concrete Look Tiles for NZ Homes


1. Subway Concrete Tiles

subway tiles

Subway tiles have reigned supreme for a while and they aren’t done!

Subway tiles look fantastic in the kitchen or bathroom and can break up the large format tiles used throughout the rest of the space.

Stay ahead of the curve by choosing a subway tile beyond plain white.

This gorgeous concrete look subway tile adds natural charm with imperfect edging and variation.


2. Terrazzo

Medley grey classic tile

What’s not to love about this Italian-inspired look? Terrazzo has got to be one of our favourite concrete-look trends as you can let your style shine. Large chip or small? Grey tones or pops of colour? You decide!

The Medley range, like this Medley Grey Classic 60 adds blue and black alongside a grey base.

Imagine this on a fireplace wall with denim blue couches and a black and white feature rug. Stunning.


Marvel Terrazzo Grey Matt tile

For a muted terrazzo, try our Marvel Terrazzo Grey Matte 60.

This tile features the perfect amount of interest with its light to mid-grey fleck, without overpowering other features of your room.


3. Waterfall rectangle

Azuma grey matt tile

Grey Matt | Azuma | $225 to $265 per m2

This look is a stunner in any bathroom. Install your large format rectangle tiles vertically to create a point of difference.

This shape is reminiscent of a waterfall and is perfect to feature on a shower wall.

The vertical lines give the illusion of a higher ceiling and increased space in smaller or darker rooms.

We love the Vogue White Matt, an elegant choice alongside any greys, biscuits or even muted blues and greens.


4. Mosaic

Steel thorn mosaic tile

Steel Thorn Mosaic | Metaline | $106 to $111 per pair

The modern mosaic tile continues to enjoy a rise in popularity. Combined with a concrete look, we can’t get enough of this stylish trend.

Renewing the ever-popular hexagonal look, Vogue incorporates a diamond shape to stamp a new take on an old classic.

Available in five shades from white grey to a robust grey semi-polish, your feature tile search is over.


Are there disadvantages to mosaic tiles?

Mosaics are a mainstay in tile trends and are an affordable choice for an impactful look.

Due to the amount of grouting used, they can take a little more to clean than the popular large format tiles in wet areas.

For this reason, we recommend using mosaics as a feature in one area, and pair with a larger format, easy-to-clean surface for the rest of the room.


Related Guide: 6 Bathroom Mosaic Tile Ideas That Will Make Your Jaw Drop.


5. Industrial

Form cement grip tile

Concrete-look tiles are not only for indoor spaces. Using a concrete-look tile lets you enjoy the natural edginess of concrete without the hassle of pouring or sealing.

This Form Cement tile in an outdoor grip finish perfectly mixes warm and cool greys.

The natural, poured look edges give off an industrial, organic vibe and would look as at home in a loft in New York City as it would in your backyard.


Black frozen crystal tile

Complete the look with Scandi-style black, white and wooden accents, such as Bisazza Black Frozen Crystal as a dining area backsplash.


6. Coloured

Green minimal tile

Choosing concrete-look tiles does not mean you have to go grey!

We have a range of the latest muted tones in a concrete-look tile that is sure to wow your guests.

Our favourite is the Medley Green Minimal 60 expertly paired with the deep teal in the complementary terrazzo tile. This style is available in five other colourways. Choose the colour combination you love to bring a stylish twist to the concrete trend in your home.


We hope you found these bathroom tile trends an inspiration for your project. Take a look at our Tile Inspiration page here or browse our extensive range online.

You can also pop into your local Tile Space store, to see the tiles in person and get expert advice from one of our tile consultants.


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