6 Bathroom Mosaic Tile Ideas That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

25th Nov 2022

6 Bathroom Mosaic Tile Ideas That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Mosaic tiles have been used in home decor for centuries, and for good reason – they add a touch of elegance and luxury to any space.

If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your bathroom this year, we’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss modern bathroom mosaic tile ideas that are sure to inspire you.

From sleek and modern designs to classic and timeless looks, there’s something for everyone! So read on and get inspired!


Here’s what this article covers,

- Elegant accents

- Water world

- Reflecting nature

- Sense of space

- Soft edges

- Luminosity


Are mosaic tiles good for a bathroom?

Mosaic tiles are a great addition to any bathroom. They are water-resistant and easy to clean (when paired with the right grout), making them ideal for wet areas such as showers and baths.

Mosaic tiles come in a variety of materials such as stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass and metals. They also come in a range of textures, colours and sizes. So you’re sure to find the perfect mosaic tile for your bathroom!

Mosaic tiles are an elegant choice for the latest in bathroom trends. This look is grounded in classic style and function but is perfectly suited to create the look you desire.

From relaxing, earthy tones to eye-popping custom artwork, choosing a luxury tile from the Bisazza Italian Glass range will add value and personality to your bathroom.

Our favourite Italian glass mosaic tiles:

  • can be used anywhere in the bathroom, including the shower floor and walls
  • are easy to clean with many mould-resistant grouts available
  • can be used across walls and floors for a uniform look, or used as a feature area alongside large format tiles 


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6 of the Best Bathroom Mosaic Tile Ideas for NZ Homes in 2022

Need some bathroom tile inspo? Continuing on from our Four Bathroom Tile Trends for 2021, we’ve rounded up the latest looks in bathroom beauty that were designed using mosaic tiles.

1. Elegant accents

Carrara Fishscale Mosaic l Cotto Mosaic 50 l $30 to $35 per sheet/s

Your bathroom is your sanctuary and should feel like it’s uniquely your space.

Wall-to-wall marble is a classic style that will always look luxurious, but how about adding just a hint of something different?

For a bit of personality choose to feature a certain area by changing up the tiling with a tonal change that complements the rest of the space.

You don’t want high contrasts for this look as this stimulates rather than relaxes the senses.

Pair large format marbles with capsule backsplashes, walk-in showers with a pop of colour, or liven things up with an eye-catching fish scale design behind a round mirror.


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2. Water world

Blue Fish Scale Feature Wall

Shades Blue Fish Scale Mosaic 30 l Shades l $27 to $32 per sheet/s

Liquid hues of turquoise, aqua and green are always on trend for bathrooms.

See this on-point example of expert colour use from Wairua Lodge in our 10 inspirational kiwi bathrooms article.

Create interest in a white or pale grey bathroom by choosing a sparkling glass tile reminiscent of the ocean for your shower walls.

Glass tiles like our premium Italian Bisazza tile range create a water-like shimmer as the glass reflects the light around your bathroom.


3. Reflecting nature

Terracotta tiles

Micro Basket Terracotta Mosaic l Microtiles l $65 to $70 per sheet/s

Bringing nature indoors is a strong trend that’s here to stay.

With more time spent at home, we’ve fallen in love with houseplants, luxurious textures and calming earthy tones.

The bathroom is no different. We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of natural materials and organic hues. Some examples include:


4. Sense of space

bathroom tile

Shell White Linear Mosiac l Shell l $15 to $20 per sheet/s

Your bathroom may not be large but there are tricks you can use to give yourself a sense of space.

Wet-room style open showers are growing in popularity as the room is not broken up with a shower door.

Spaciousness is enhanced by using large, seamless wall-to-floor tiles, spiced up with a statement tile feature in the shower area.


5. Soft edges

pink finger tiles

Finger + Pencil Tiles

Adding to these trends of popping a little something unique into your bathroom, we’re seeing a softening of edges and a move beyond square and rectangle.

Feature tiles with raw or curved lines, round mirrors, and feminine furnishings, all combine to create a cosier, organic feel. 

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6. Luminosity

Blend Paola Hotmelt Tiles

Blend Paola Hotmelt l Bisazza l $376 to $381 per m2

Airy, light-filled spaces are always a popular choice for bathrooms.

Glass tiles take this one step further by providing luminous opulence. With light bouncing from wall to wall, no matter which colour you choose your bathroom is sure to be your favourite room in the house.


Are mosaic tiles easy to install?

Mosaic tiles are a great choice for bathrooms and wet areas because of their unique detailed designs. Because of their detailed nature, they are not as easy to install as other tile styles.

In general, they are more time-consuming to install, and as such tilers will charge more for their installation. However, we still suggest hiring experienced tilers to achieve the best look!

As your bathroom is a wet space and needs to be watertight, we recommend using a tradesperson qualified in waterproofing.

Talk to us about choosing the right tile for you. A few things we can help with:

  • Tile choice. We love talking about all things tiles! We can recommend tiles that match the look you’re going for and advise you on colour, size and pattern.
  • Do your chosen tiles need to be sealed? If you have chosen a semi-porous material like natural stone or our Ecostone terrazzo your tiles may need to be sealed.
  • Choosing a non-slip surface. If you have a range of ages using your bathroom, you don’t want to create a hazard by using a slippery tile in a bathroom. We can discuss the right tile material and finish for you.
  • Cementitious or Epoxy grout. Your choice of grout base and colour is as important as choosing your tile. Epoxy grout is water resistant and will not need sealing once installed. The up front cost is higher than cementitious grout, however, it will pay off in the long run maintenance wise. Pair your grout choice with a matching coloured silicone to finish off edging.


Bisazza Tiles lead the way with superior installation and adhesion

Known for their technical innovation, Bisazza have launched a revolutionary new hotmelt system.

Hotmelt tiles are easier to install and their adhesion quality goes beyond New Zealand and Australian Standards.

The new system allows for precise and even tile alignment and deep, uniform penetration of the grout.

To find out more about our exclusive Bisazza tiles talk to our dedicated product manager, Amanda, at or come in-store and chat with our team. 


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