Four Bathroom Tile Trends to take us into 2021

3rd Nov 2020

Four Bathroom Tile Trends to take us into 2021

Get inspired with timeless tile trends to take us into 2021 and beyond. From calming to playful, the wide variety of tiles reflects the evolution of style in New Zealand and increasing confidence that Kiwi's have in their design choices. 

1. Terrazzo

Terrazzo is the ancient Venetian art of embedding marble chips in concrete, our suppliers have reimagined the look for modern homes with porcelain replicas such as our Medley Range that are hard wearing and impervious to water. 

Medley Pink Classic - Photo: Smart Style Bathrooms Perth

Medley Green PopMedley Dark Grey Rock

Ecstone OsloArtisan White Gloss Subway - Photo: The Forest Cantina

Our Ecostone range is a real terrazzo tile, made from cement and marble chips which is manufactured using a innovative vibrating compaction method which greatly increases it's durability. Because Ecostone is made from concrete and not porcelain it needs to be sealed after installation. 


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2. Finger Tiles

Finger tiles give a gorgeous textural element to a space and make for stunning feature walls. Make sure you choose your grout colour carefully with these tiles. 

Kyoto Concave White GlossYubi Cloud Gloss

Yubi Blossom GlossStraight Bone White Matt 22mm

bathrooms by bathrooms_in_auckland & Ria Gleason and Jessica Valintine Design

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3. Large Format

Large Format tiles mean fewer grout lines to break up the space visually, making for a calm and cohesive design, not to mention easier cleaning! 

Lombarda Grigio Matt 90 Orobico Grey Honed 600x1200 (also available in Polished 1200x2700)

Navona Honey Vein 1200x2700Invisible Light Satin 1200x2600

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4. Blues and Greens

Using calm and restful blues and greens is a great way to create a relaxing ambiance in your bathroom. 


Piastrella OlivaArtisan Moss Green

Toki Chuva GlossArtisan Colonial Blue Gloss

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