Bathroom Tiles - Your Beginner’s Guide

16th Mar 2023

Bathroom Tiles - Your Beginner’s Guide

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? If so, bathroom tiles will be a game changer. Tile Space is here to guide you through all you need to know about bathroom tiles, from style and design ideas to choosing the best tiles for your bathroom.



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What is the best tile to use in a bathroom?

Water resistance, design, and convenience of installation are three important considerations when choosing bathroom tiles.

Because they are waterproof and resistant to scratches and stains, Porcelain tiles are frequently the ideal choice for bathrooms.

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Which colour is best for bathroom tiles?

Onyx Unique Matt | Timeless Marmore

When it comes to bathroom tiles, the design is entirely up to you and the style you want to achieve.

Neutral hues like greys, beiges, and creams are good for creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom.

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.Oliva Mix | Piastrella

Alternatively, if you're searching for something more energetic, you may want bathroom tiles in brighter colours like blues, greens, and yellows.

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Bathroom Wall Tiles:

Wall tiles are a great way to add a point of difference to a bathroom.

Additionally, from a technical viewpoint, bathroom wall tiles are often selected for their water resistance and durability.



Are tiled bathroom walls outdated?

Cloud Matt | Marlow

No, bathroom wall tiles are still a widely popular choice for bathroom renovations. The attractive finish they provide and the practical need they fulfil have cemented their place in modern bathroom design.

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Should bathroom tiles go up to the ceiling?

It is optional to tile all the way to the ceiling in a bathroom. However, it can be a practical design choice to extend your tiling to the ceiling to make a bathroom look larger.


Bathroom Floor Tiles:

Bathroom floor tiles are one of the most important design elements in bathroom design. Generally, they are porcelain tile, as durability and water resistance are key practical needs in bathroom flooring.


Should a bathroom floor be darker than the walls?

Noir Polish | Marvel Pro

Bathroom floors don't have to be darker than walls, but they can be a great design choice. Dark bathroom floor tiles often contrast against white or lighter-tiled walls.


Should bathroom floor tile be matt or glossy?

Bathroom floor tiles always have a matt finish. This is to provide grip, which is essential in bathroom flooring. Glossy bathroom tiles are not suitable for bathroom floors as they are slippery and hazardous.

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Considering Your Bathroom Space:

When selecting bathroom tiles, it is essential to consider the size of your bathroom.

The colour, size, pattern and texture of a tile can all impact the perception of space in a room.


What tiles work best in a small bathroom?

White Gloss | Artisan

Bathroom tiles in lighter colours and neutral hues work best to create the illusion of space.

Don't feel the need to avoid darker colours, however. Dark floor tiles can create a sense of depth in a smaller space.



Is it better to use small or large tiles in a small bathroom?

Both tile sizes can be equally effective in a small space. The benefit of using large tiles is that fewer grout lines create fewer visual disturbances - literally opening a space!

Smaller tiles can make features out of specific zones of a bathroom, breaking up the space.



Which tile pattern makes a bathroom look bigger?

White Gloss | Seda

Laying bathroom tiles diagonally is an excellent way to make a bathroom appear bigger. The dynamic interest of the herringbone pattern will draw the eye to the longest part of the room, creating a visual illusion.



Once you have chosen your bathroom tiles, the next step is to install them. Whether you are after tiler recommendations or DIY advice, our expert tile team is here to help!


Can you install bathroom tiles yourself?

Bathroom tile installation is time-consuming and labour-intensive. If you have the time and are confident in your DIY skills, installing bathroom tiles yourself could be a good choice.

Tile installation requires a certain amount of competence and experience. For instance, bathroom floors need a special waterproof tile adhesive and should be laid with a professional-grade trowel.


Where do you start when tiling a bathroom?

The best place to start when tiling a bathroom is with the walls. This is because bathroom floors are generally waterproofed at the end of the installation process.

It's important to begin bathroom wall tiles from one corner and work your way out evenly. This helps ensure that bathroom wall tile lines remain straight and level, creating an even bathroom decor.

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There is a lot to think about when picking bathroom tiles, from bathroom floor tiles to bathroom wall tiles to mosaic bathroom tile arrangements. We hope this article has been helpful in getting your bathroom project off the ground.

If you're still after some bathroom tile inspiration and information, our friendly experts are here to provide all the tile advice you need!

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