5 Amazing White Bathroom Tile Ideas for NZ Homes

15th Sep 2023

5 Amazing White Bathroom Tile Ideas for NZ Homes

If you're looking for  bathroom inspiration that's timeless and practical, think white bathroom tiles. These versatile tiles are in high demand in New Zealand as they are always in style, can easily brighten up a space, and tend to be more affordable on average.

But how can I  style white tiles so it doesn't look boring? Are white tiles in a bathroom a good idea? And are they easy to clean? These might be just a few of the many questions that might be popping up when you consider white tiles for your bathroom. You're in the right place.

Our designers and experts have carefully curated six classic ideas to style white bathroom tiles, as well as answer any questions you might have about them.


The Basics Of White Bathroom Tiles: Textures, Shades And Aesthetics

White tiles provide a variety of aesthetics. You can opt for a classic Kiwi farmhouse style or a minimalistic look with a modern white bathroom. White tiles come in a variety of textures, shapes, sizes and shades that can be used to create an array of effects.

Plus, there's a wide range of shades available for white tiles, which adds more to your bathroom design’s visual interest. You can choose from warm to cool tones and go variations such as

  • Creamy white
  • Ivory
  • Almond white
  • White with grey undertones

White tiles also come in a wide range of finishes and patterns, such as satin smooth to matt or gloss. Polish and semi-polish are other options for white tile finishes.

So, all in all, there are plenty of options for you to consider when designing your dream white bathroom.

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Are White Tiles In A Bathroom A Good Idea?

Absolutely! White tiles work well in bathrooms and continue to remain one of the most popular colours for bathroom tiles in New Zealand. Here's why;

  • White bathroom tiles help brighten a space and reflect light, which works well if you have a small bathroom.
  • Plain white tiles are always well-stocked items, meaning they have shorter lead times and are more affordable.
  • Can act as a neutral backdrop to bold colours so that you can add a pop of colour to your bathroom.

Still not sure if white tiles will work in your bathroom?  Try Design Space! Our premium rendering service can bring your white bathroom tile ideas to life with 360-degree realistic renders.

All you have to do is bring a picture of your bathroom to your local Tile Space store, choose your white tiles and watch as our experts create an ultra-realistic 3D render of your dream white bathroom. Here's an example.

How To Use Design Space: The New 3D Rendering Service By Tile Space


6 Stunning White Bathroom Tile Ideas

Be inspired by these gorgeous bathrooms designed using Tile Space’s white bathroom wall and floor tiles.



1. Naturally Elegant Japanese White Bathroom Tiles

This charming bathroom that exudes the serene Wabi Sabi aesthetic is designed using the Kayborder White Matt Finger Mosaic tile from our new Japanese collection.

Here are more white tiles from this collection;

Hida White Matt

Kayo Square White Matt Mosaic

Kayoborder White Matt Finger Mosaic

Pasture White Matt Mosaic


2. Geometric White Bathroom Tiles

This modern-looking bathroom is designed using the Kasbah Base Bone tile, which is a Spanish porcelain tile with a matt finish. You can match this with another white tile like the Kasbah Star Bone tile or a coloured tile for a more bold look.

These are our favourite geometric white tiles;

Mat & More Deco White 25x75

Geometric White Gloss Star Mosaic

Kasbah Star Bone 16.8

White Dobraduras Mix 30x90


3. Create A Luxurious White Bathroom With Marble-Look Tiles

This gorgeous white bathroom is built using the  Marvel Calcatta marble-look tile, which comes in two different finishes- matt and polish.

Matt tiles are used on the floor, while polished tiles adorn the walls.

Using the same tile on the walls and floors can create a stunning, cohesive look, as shown above.

Marvel Calacatta Polish 60

Marvel Calacatta Matt 60


Why Use Marble-Look Tiles? 4 Reasons It's Much Better

With marble-look tiles, you can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom without spending a fortune.

Natural marble is a premium architectural element and one of the most expensive tiling options.

But with this  exclusive collection of white marble look tiles at Tile Space, you can have a glamorous marble-tiled bathroom at almost half the price!

And there are more benefits to using marble-look tiles in addition to the low cost,

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Available in slip-resistant options
  • Resistant to scratches and stains
  • Can be used as floor and wall tiles

Explore our marble-look tile collection here.


5. Choose White And Grey Tiles For An Elegant & Cohesive Design

This contemporary  white and grey bathroom at Kiwi photographer Caroline Doyle's home features our Medley White Minimal 60 tile together with the gorgeous Medley Grey Classic 60 and the Medley White Classic terrazzo tiles.

See this charming Papamoa bathroom design in detail here.


6. Minimalistic Design With Gold Accents

A trend that has been gaining momentum is minimalist bathrooms with added gold accents.

The beautiful bathroom design above uses our Spanish-made  Piastrella White Mix 5x25 subway tile that comes in a glamorous glossy finish, colour variation and handmade-looking edges. Paired with the Piastrella is the

The minimalism of the white tile makes the gold fixtures and the terrazzo flooring stand out.

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7. White Bathrooms With Chic Italian Design

This magnificent bathroom is built with highly varied and dynamic Italian porcelain tile.

The collection has been inspired by  Statuario Marble, with an off-white base and mid-grey veins in a polish gloss finish.

Want to make a bigger, bolder statement? Tile Space is a proud distributor of the Blanc tile range which is an impressive collection of large format tiles.The Ductile Blanc Invisible Large Format Tile

Ductile Blanc Invisible large format tile comes in a majestic 90x270 size with an off-white base and mid-grey veins in asoft matt finish. Explore our XL and large format tile collection here.


White Bathroom Tile FAQs: Your Biggest Questions Answered

How Do You Keep White Tiles Clean?

White tiles are just as easy to clean as other tiles. But the key to keeping them looking clean is to choose epoxy grout instead of the standard cement grout. Epoxy-sealed grout is non-porous, durable and stain-proof, so your white tiles look cleaner.

Standard cement grout is porous and quickly absorbs water and stains, resulting in discolouration over time.


How Do You Make White Tiles Look Better?

  • Combine plain white tiles with patterned floor tiles
  • Add glamour with mosaics
  • Pair white bathroom tiles with wallpaper
  • Create a grid with dark grout
  • Choose large-scale tiles
  • Use gold or brass bath, shower and light fixtures
  • Go floor-to-ceiling
  • Create a soft look with natural tones
  • Use a handmade-looking tile with a shade variation and textured edges


What Colour Goes With White Tiles In A Bathroom?

White is a neutral colour that can be paired well with any colour! You can choose to pair white bathroom tiles with soft pastel shades like light blue, pale green, or gentle pink to create a calming oasis. Or go for a more modern twist by choosing a contrasting pop of navy blue or charcoal grey.

Experiment and find the perfect balance that suits your style.


Wrap-Up: Key Points On Styling White Bathroom Tiles

  • White bathroom tiles come in a variety of textures, shapes, sizes and shades.
  • They includestone-look white tiles,concrete-look white tiles, marble-look white tiles,terrazzo-look white tiles,white subway tiles,XL and large format white tiles and3D white tiles
  • There is also a variety of warm and cool tones to choose from, like creamy white, ivory, almond white and white with grey undertones.
  • White tiles are great for bathrooms as they help brighten the space and reflect light.
  • Plus, white tiles are always well-stocked items, meaning they have shorter lead times and are more affordable.
  • Tile Space's Design Space is a 3D rendering service that can bring tile ideas to life with ultra-realistic renders.
  • These six stunning white bathroom tile ideas will inspire you: naturally elegant Japanese look, geometric design, luxurious marble look, chic Italian style and grey & white with gold accents.
  • Keep your white tiles looking clean by choosing epoxy-sealed grout instead of standard cement grout, which absorbs water & stains quickly over time.
  • Compliment white bathroom tiles with soft pastel shades or contrasting pops of colour for the perfect balance that suits your style!
  • Come and see usin-store to discuss your dream white bathroom, and we’ll help you choose the best tiles for your project.Browse our range of white tiles here, and if you want to know more, book a free tile consultation with one of our design consultants.