Surface Mid Grey Semi Polish 30x60

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$92 to $122 per m2

Product Description

A refined, contempoary concrete look tile in a medium grey tone with a semi polish finish. Try installing me with contrasting grout, brick lay or vertically for a subtle design feature.
Nominal Size

NOMINAL SIZE: Tiles can have slight size differences depending on their batch, nominal size refers to the common size of the tile.



FACES: Faces refers to the amount of different patterns and colours across the individual tiles in an item. The number of faces can vary from one on basic tiles to 30+ on premium ranges.



GRADE: The grade of the tile refers to its suitability for different surfaces. Grade 1 is wall only and grade 2 through 5 are suitable for light residential foot traffic through to heavy commercial foot traffic.


Shade Variation

SHADE VARIATION: Shade variation is how varied the colour and patterns between faces of a tile. It ranges from V1, little variation between pieces to V4 which is substantial variation between colour & pattern.


United Arab Emirates

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Suggested Grout Color:
Mapei Ultracolor 119 London Grey

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5 Samples for $15. Redeemable Upon Purchase

Tile samples are approx. 100x100mm