A Bathroom That Oozes Serenity and Sophistication

10th Apr 2020

A Bathroom That Oozes Serenity and Sophistication

A Bathroom That Oozes Serenity and Sophistication

Beige is a perfect colour for bathrooms, it creates a neutral and relaxing atmosphere, with long-lasting appeal. This recent bathroom renovation, by John Kaminski for Bathroom Direct has achieved a modern and functional space with calming colour tones.


Stone look tile works perfectly in this space, it keeps the room cohesive and the texture keeps it interesting. The Beren Light Grey tile is a replica of Spanish limestone, using a porcelain tile is a cost-effective way of achieving the look you want without the upkeep. Natural stone needs regular sealing and can scratch, chip or break – porcelain is a durable, non-porous and resilient material, therefore, making it the perfect option for wet areas.


Using the tile from the floor to the ceiling immediately makes the room look more spacious as it draws the eye upwards creating the illusion that the area is larger.


Opting for a glossy Italian tile on the wall keeps this beige bathroom contemporary and stylish. The Lumina Square decorative tile ties the room together and works perfectly with the vanities and mirror. Using a white grout helps create a seamless bold look.


The best thing about using tile in the bathroom is how hardwearing and easy to clean it is. Ceramic and porcelain tile are some of the longest lasting floor products on the market today. When properly installed they will look as good in twenty years as they do today. Although tile is easy to clean grout can be more challenging, recently we came across Bar Keepers friend, a non-bleach, plant-based cleaner that works wonders in the bathroom. 

Photo credit: John Kaminski for Bathroom Direct