Exciting New Terrazzo Look Porcelain from Tile Space

8th Apr 2020

Exciting New Terrazzo Look Porcelain from Tile Space

Tile Space will be one of the first receive the Atlas Concorde’s hottest new range Marvel Terrazzo, fresh from the world renowned Italian tile fair - Cersaie 

This stunning range is the first realistic porcelain version of traditional Venetian Terrazzo flooring on the market, from Italian producer Atlas Concorde. Atlas Concorde have taken considerable effort to perfect their production techniques and they produce beautiful true colour tiles with depth and luminosity, the Terrazzo Black is a particuarly stunning example of their skill. 

The tiles are colour bodied; meaning that the surface colour goes all the way through the tile, so the black tile has a black body, the cream tile has a cream body etc. and design is applied directly on top of the porcelain tile body. The matt Marvel tiles are suitable for heavy commercial use; the polished and satin versions are suitable for domestic and light commercial environments.

The Marvel Terrazzo tiles mimics traditional terrazzo flooring . Terrazzo (Italian for “Terrace”) floors were invented in Venice during the 15th century. Workers were left with oddly shaped pieces of marble after jobs. They would put the small marble rocks in clay and grind them flat for a more comfortable walking surface, over the years this has evolved into terrazzo floors being poured using a combination of marble chips and coloured concrete, then polished. You can see a beautiful traditional terrazzo floor at the Auckland Museum (pictured below). 

auckland museum

Marvel Terrazzo has initially been launched with polished only surface, the matt version is expected by mid 2017. Included in the range is the ATC126 Marvel Terrazzo Carrara Polish 60, this is the Palladiana version of Terrazzo where larger pieces of marble are set in the concrete and polished after curing.

Making Terrazzo is a time consuming and expensive prospect and it also needs to be sealed and maintained so that it doesn't deteriorate over time. So using porcelain tile is a good alternative as it's cheaper to make and doesn't need the maintenance that a traditionally made terrazzo floor needs. Plus you can also install porcelain tiles on walls, so you don't have to limit your design to the floor. 

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