Microtiles, an earthy collection with endless possibilities

8th Apr 2020

Microtiles, an earthy collection with endless possibilities

Earthy, neutral tones are a popular colour trend for 2018 and our latest collection fits this look perfectly. Inspired by soil, moss, trees and rocks, the Micro collection brings a muted and calming effect to a space. The collection consists of five formats made up of dots, squares and rectangles, a creative play on shapes for a contemporary take on the classic subway.

Micro Basket 400x400mm: Available in Mud & Terracotta.

Basket Pattern Mud m...

Basket Terracotta sw...

Micro Herringbone 400x400mm: Available in White & Azure.

white herringbone mo...

herringbone azure mo...

Micro Oddfellow 300x300mm: Available in Graphite, Black & Mou Mix and Mou & Black Mix.

Oddfellow graphite m...

Oddfellow black mou ...

Oddfellow Mou Black ...

Micro Plaid 300x300mm: Available in Dust, Grey & Black.

Micro plaid dust

plaid grey mosaic

plaid black mosaic

Micro Subway Mix 300x300mm: Available in Azure & Terracotta Mix

Subway Mix Swatch

This Italian made, full body porcelain tile can be used on floors as well as walls and can stand high traffic areas such as kitchens or commercial spaces. Porcelain tiles don’t need sealing and won’t absorb water. They are easy to maintain and clean and won't stain or fade under UV. Best yet they will look as good as the day they were installed for decades.


The point of difference with this collection is its ability to mix colours and create your own custom blends. For special projects contact our Microtiles expert Amanda Hellier at