Save, Spend or Splurge

9th Apr 2020

Save, Spend or Splurge

When it comes to price, quality wise there is very little difference between an expensive Italian tile and a cheaper option- they will all last for decades without fading, scratching or absorbing water. Every product that we import is of the highest quality and due to our strong relationships with suppliers, we offer a 10-year guarantee and a 15-year system warranty on all our tiles. Design-wise Italian manufactures put more money towards research, design and production. This results in a tile that is well thought out, has a more accurate design and is an excellent replica of natural materials such as marble or stone. These high-quality tiles have many different faces and variation, therefore, the pattern is less likely to be repeated, making them look more realistic and natural. We source from Italy, Spain, Turkey, UAE and across Asia which ensures we have pricing to suit every budget.

Whether you are looking to Save, Spend or Splurge we have pricing and designs to suit every budget! Check out some of our best options below.

Pricing and samples can be organised in store, click here to find your nearest showroom.


Stone is a natural product and porcelain tile emulates this with designs that mimic the natural shade variation of real stone. Some designs have more variation than others to reflect different types of natural stone.


Shell Grey 600x600 A great value stone look tile in grey with high-variation for a realistic finish.



Nordic Islanda 600x600 An Italian tile inspired by Burlington stone, with 30 faces for a realistic finish.

Next Grey 600x600 An Italian tile combining stone from four different quarries for a natural and balanced effect.


Waterfall Silver 100x300 An extra large Slimtech tile based on the look of natural stone, only 5mm thick with a fibreglass backing for extra support.

Onyx White 600x1200A large format Italian stone look tile, inspired by natural Onyx. A realistic representation with true veining.


As beautiful as they are practical and available in a range of prices, porcelain marble look tiles put a dream home within reach of everyone. Our marble look tiles range from XL 1200x2400 slabs to small mosaics. Generally, larger format sizes will make the space feel larger and grader while smaller formats have a more natural look.


Absolute Carrara Satin 600x600 An economical white Carrara marble look tile in white Ivory and grey veining.


Tundra Grey Honed 600x600 An economical grey tile influenced by natural marble and stone, in a grey colour and honed finish.


Pure Carrara 600x1200An economical marble look tile in a large format slab with grey veining.



Marvel Carrara Polish 1200x2400 An Italian marble look tile, based on the look of Carrara marble in a large format slab.


Supreme White 600x1200 A statement marble look tile formed by its intricate design and impressive large format size.

Marvel Agara Azul 750x1500 A showstopping Italian marble look tile with heavy veining and multi-coloured shading.


The urban feel that concrete look tiles bring to a space works well with the classic NZ design sensibility. The practicality of porcelain tile makes it a great option when real concrete is impractical or expensive to pour. 


Paradigm Grey 450x450 A grey economical concrete look tile in a smaller size of 450x450.

French Quarter Grey 600x600 An affordable grey concrete look tile with a natural look



Basic Concrete Black 600x600 A replica of natural concrete in a back matt porcelain tile.


Cementia Grey Matt 750x750 One of our best selling concrete look tiles in a larger format size of 750x750.



Concrete Black 600x1200 A black Italian concrete look tile with a distressed, industrial look from Diesel Living.


Wall tiles come in a number of shapes, colours and sizes, they are most commonly used for kitchen splashbacks and bathrooms. Subway tiles have a classic look that will stand the test of time, they can be laid in a number of different patterns such as stack lay and brick lay for an individual look. 3D tiles, decorative tiles and mosaics are perfect for creating a feature wall with wow-factor.



White Gloss 100x300 An economical white subway tile, a classic look that will help throw more light into the space due to its glossy finish, for wall use only.


Super White Stitch Mosaic 300x345 A white 3D mosaic with a textured finish for a decorative look, for wall use only.


Artisan Aqua Gloss 65x200 A high variation subway tile with a handmade effect, available in a variety of different colours. For wall use only.


Camp Black 100x300 A black Italian subway tile from Diesel Living available in glazed, canvas & rock finishes. Can be laid individually or mixed, for wall use only.



Context White 60x300 An Italian stone look subway tile with high-variation for a natural weathered look. For wall use only.

Alchimia Mix 1 Hex 230x266 A hexagon tile with the look of traditional encaustic (cement tiles) with an eastern influence.

Feeling inspired? Head to your nearest showroom today to see the tiles featured in this post.