Spotlight On... Marble Look Tiles

9th Apr 2020

Spotlight On... Marble Look Tiles

The main advantages of using porcelain over marble is that it's much easier to care for and can withstand far harsher conditions than marble can. Cleaning porcelain tiles is easy, as few cleaning solutions will harm them.

Marble is quite a porous substance and needs to be sealed twice a year to remain resistant to stains and dulling and they must be dusted and mopped often to keep them from staining and absorbing water.

In the past the drawback to porcelain marble look tiles was that they only had only one pattern. For this reason when buying porcelain marble look tiles you should ask how many 'faces' the tile has. The amount of 'faces' refers to how many different patterns are printed on the tiles. A tile with 15-20 faces will look extremely realistic when laid, as it will be hard to spot if there are any two tiles that look the same, whereas a tile with only one face will repeat the same pattern over and over, for a far more obvious look.

Have a look at our most popular marble look tiles:

Marvel Collection - a beautiful Italian collection from Atlas Concorde, one of our most popular collections.

Marvel Pro Series - An extension of the Marvel range, characterized by intense veining and bold patterns.

Dreaming Collection - From Italian supplier LEA, the dreaming collection recreates the soft tones typical of Apuan marble.

Absolute Carrara Series - The classic look of Carrara marble for an affordable price

At Tile Space, we have a wide range of beautiful marble look porcelain tiles, printed using the latest techniques for a very high quality replica of marble tiles. Check them out at a store near you.