Trendy, Traditional Terrazzo

8th Apr 2020

Trendy, Traditional Terrazzo

Inspired by Venetian Terrazzo, a classic Italian flooring, Atlas Concorde has produced a replica that combines the precious feel of marble with the benefits of porcelain.

Using the latest technology Atlas Concorde has produced a tile that holds the beauty of Venetian Terrazzo but with the benefits of porcelain, creating a product that is highly durable, long lasting and extremely compact.

Terrazzo is poured concrete with marble chips embedded in and then polished. It is a time consuming and expensive product that needs to be sealed and maintained. Marvel Terrazzo is a much cheaper option that will look as good as the day it was installed for decades, without the need to spend time or money on maintenance. 

Marvel Terrazzo Big ...

The large irregular chips of white Carrara-look marble create highly unusual combinations that shine with a mirror-like depth.The tile adds a bespoke elegance to an interior and can be used in numerous rooms around the home on both walls and floors. Porcelain is a durable, non-porous and resilient material making it the perfect option for wet areas. 

This stylish tile is available in polished and matt finish and has a wide range of colours and sizes, reflecting the original crushed marble floors (pictured is ATC126 Polished 60). The tiles are colour bodied; meaning that the surface colour goes all the way through the tile and design is applied directly on top of the porcelain tile body. The matt Marvel tiles are suitable for heavy, commercial use and the polished and satin versions are suitable for domestic and light commercial environments.

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