Embrace These Impressive 3D Wall Tile Trends For Stylish Interiors

8th Sep 2023

Embrace These Impressive 3D Wall Tile Trends For Stylish Interiors

Bring your walls to life with dimension and style from the latest trend in tile designs - 3D tiles! These innovative tiles go beyond the traditional flat surfaces, presenting immersive textures, eye-catching patterns, and an extraordinary sense of depth. 

This post explores the four trends in 3D tiles, specifically 3D wall tiles, and answers your biggest questions about them, like "Are 3D tiles hard to clean?" and "Can you put 3D tiles in bathrooms?". So, keep scrolling for all you need to know about why it's worth embracing this incredible tile trend. 


The Two Types of 3D Tiles And How They Can Elevate Your Space 

Before we jump into the latest 3D tile trends, let's take a look at the two types of 3D tiles that are available. 


Textured 3D Tiles

Icone Noir Matt Ligne Tile

The Icone Noir Matt Ligne tile with a classic variation on limestone and a decorative textured effect. 

Image URL 3D textured tiles provide a surface quality that you can actually feel. Going for textured 3D tiles will give you a more tactile experience, adding a one-of-a-kind and fashionable dimensional pattern. 


Non - Textured 3D Tiles

Vibe in Gesso white gloss tile

The Vibe In Gesso White Gloss tile

Innovative 3D tiles without texture have the remarkable ability to deceive the eyes with a sense of depth and dimension. Through skillful shading and creative designs, these non-textured tiles achieve a smooth surface that tricks the viewer into perceiving 3D qualities. 


Five 3D Wall Tile Trends To Look Out For 

The best part about 3D tiles is that you can get as creative and inventive with your space as you want. Here are five of the most on-trend 3D wall tile trends you should keep an eye on: 


Slate 3D Wall Tiles

Shale moon ribbed tile

Shale Moon Ribbed Tile

The beautiful, contemporary 3D slate tiles from our new Shale collection are designed to evoke a natural sense of slate. 

The ribbed surfaces create a three-dimensional linear design that captivates the tile surface as an ever-moving material. 

Here are four more ribbed tiles that are available in-store and online now.

shale ash ribbed

Shale Greige Ribbed

Shale Sand Ribbed

Shale Ash RibbedShale Greige RibbedShale Sand Ribbed


Subway 3D Wall TilesVibe in newport green matt tile

Vibe In Newport Green Matt Tile

Elevate your home design with a fresh take on the classic subway tile! These contemporary 3D subway tiles provide eye-catching depth and distinctive visual appeal that will make your kitchen pantry and bathroom vanity walls stand out.

Vibe in fair pink matt tile

Vibe In Fair Pink Matt Tile

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Decorative 3D Wall TilesMat & More Deco White Tile

Mat & More Deco White Tile

Decorative 3D wall tiles combine artistic flair with interior design. 3D feature tiles breathe life into your living room walls, turning them into beautiful focal points. In a butler's pantry, they transform mundane kitchen spaces, infusing them with character and style. In bathroom vanity walls, the impact is equally mesmerising, creating luxurious, spa-like retreats.

White Dobraduras mix tile

White Dobraduras Mix Tile


Handmade-Look 3D Wall TilesCosta Onda Terra Matt Tile

Costa Onda Terra Matt Tile

Experience the artisanal charm with handmade-look 3D wall tiles. Their unique beauty lies in imperfections and subtle surface variations. The organic textures and intricate designs from tiles like the Costa Onda Terra Matt create a captivating visual experience, infusing warmth and personality into your interiors. 


Geometric 3D Wall Tiles

Nordic islanda chevron tile

Nordic Islanda Chevron Tile

The symmetrical patterns and clean lines of geometric 3D wall tiles evoke a sense of sophistication and contemporary style. For something a little more daring, consider the chevron 3D tiles, which can turn a simple wall into the statement piece of any space, or choose the Icone Gris Matt Ligne tile for a modern, industrial look.

Icone gris matt ligne tile

Icone Gris Matt Ligne Tile


3D Wall Tiles Demystified: Kiwi Designer Answers Your Biggest Questions 

Designer and tile expert Moet Walker shares her insights into the questions she gets asked most often about 3D tiles. 


Are 3D tiles good for a home?

It depends on where you use them. 3D tiles add a beautiful feature, but it's recommended to use them on a feature wall behind the bath or vanity rather than in the shower or for splashbacks. In kitchens, consider them for the butler's pantry rather than behind the stove. This is because you can’t just wipe 3D tiles like you would wipe flat tiles; 3D tiles are still easy to clean as they are non-porous, but you have to wipe with the pattern. 


Are 3D tiles good for the bathroom? 

They are a great feature tile, but you may want to consider using them on a wall behind the bath or vanity rather than in the shower, somewhere, it is likely to get less build-up of soap because you can’t wipe 3D tiles like you wipe flat tiles. They are easy to clean if you work with the pattern. 


Is 3D tile hard to clean? 

3D is non-porous and easy to clean, but you have to wipe with the pattern, unlike when cleaning flat tiles where you can just wipe across them. This is why it’s best to use 3D tiles on feature walls in areas that get less build-up of soap and moisture, like behind the bath or vanity or in butler pantries for kitchens. 


How thick are 3D wall tiles? 

The thickness of 3D tiles varies depending on each tile; some are thicker due to coming off the surface, whereas some 3D tiles are moulded into the tile surface itself. Ask your supplier they will be able to tell you the thickness. 


Is there an app for Visualising 3D tiles? 

Yes, Tile Space offers an exclusive tile visualising or rendering service called Design Space, where we can put our 3D tiles in your own space to help you get a better idea. All you have to do is pop into your local Tile Space store with a digital copy of your bathroom, kitchen or living room and our consultants will create a 360-degree rendering that you can use to get a better idea of what the space will look like with your chosen 3D tiles. 

Visit our inspiration hub for more tile ideas, or start exploring our 3D tile collection to find one that works for you. If you’re ever stuck, our team of tile experts are always here to help. 

Happy tiling! :)


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