Great things come in small packages

11th Jun 2020

Great things come in small packages

This charming bathroom proves the adage "Great things come in small packages." Converted from part of the front entrance way to their home, this ensuite is the work of Unna Burch aka (@the_forest_cantina). Although as she says if she can fit a pot plant twice the height of the loo in her bathroom, then it can't be too bad! You can read about the renovation on her website here or check out the photos below. 

The floor tile is Ecostone Oslo, a real terrazzo tile made from recycled marble and glass chips and concrete and the wall and ceiling are tiled in our Artisan White Gloss Subway. Tiling the ceiling is a big undertaking, but leads to stunning results! Especially in a small space it can make it look larger and more cohesive. 

The variation in our Artisan White Gloss Subway lends the space a natural and relaxed feel that works beautifully with the recycled vanity and the lush foliage. 

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