7 Stylish Ways To Use Herringbone Tiles In Your Kitchen

24th Mar 2023

7 Stylish Ways To Use Herringbone Tiles In Your Kitchen

7 Designs for Kitchen Splashback and Floors

If you’re considering herringbone tiles for your kitchen floor or splashback but don't know where to start, then we are here to help!

Herringbone tiles are a timeless classic and can bring a traditional or contemporary touch to any kitchen design. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching splashback or subtle flooring, you are bound to create a unique look and feel. 

The Herringbone pattern dates back to the Roman Empire, where it was used in buildings its roadways. This interlocking paving system was built on top of a base of crushed stone, which cleverly absorbed traffic compression (both vehicle and pedestrian), making it extremely stable and durable

Our tile experts have put together this guide to answer your burning questions about herringbone tiles and inspire you on how to style them in your home. 


Will herringbone tile go out of style? 

Herringbone is a pattern that will never go out of style. It is a classic design that brings movement and character to any space. 

The focal point of the design naturally draws your eye in the direction you will go creating a cohesive look in your walls or flooring. 

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Which direction should herringbone tile be laid? 

Herringbone tile patterns can be laid in multiple directions. Generally speaking, herringbone tiles are laid in a vertical or horizontal zig-zag pattern to create a more classic look. 

However, some people prefer to lay them diagonally for a more contemporary style


Are herringbone and chevron the same thing? 

No, herringbone and chevron tiles are not the same. Herringbone tiles feature a V-shaped pattern with two lines of tiles at 90-degree angles to one another. Whereas chevrons feature a single line of repeating arrows. 



tilespace_Herringbone_tile tilespace_chevronm_tile
Aqua Mix | Piastrella Gray Chevron | Waterfall 


What size tile is best for herringbone backsplash? 

The size of the tile you opt for may depend on the area’s size and shape. You can opt for either patterned mosaic sheet tiles or use rectangular tiles and arrange them in a herringbone pattern. 

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Mosaic Herringbone Sheets: 

Mosaic herringbone sheet tiles are ideal for creating an intricate yet classic design. 


White Matt | Mini Herringbone


Rectangular Tiles:

Larger rectangular tiles create a more contemporary look. Rectangular tiles are best suited to cover large amounts of space.


White Matt 10x30 | Seda


6 Herringbone Splashback and Floor Tile Designs: 


1. Classic White Herringbone Tiles for Kitchen Splashback 

seda white gloss tile

White Gloss 10x30 | Seda 

White herringbone tiles create a classic, timeless kitchen wall. They are perfect for adding natural texture to any kitchen. 

herringbone white mos tile white matt herringbone tile white gloss herringbone tile
Herringbone White | Microtiles Herringbone Matt | Carrara Porc White Gloss Herringbone | Cotto Mosaic Br


2. Coloured Herringbone Tile Splashbacks 

marlow blue gloss tile

Blue Gloss | Marlow 

If you’re looking to inject some colour and vibrancy into your kitchen, coloured herringbone tiles are a great choice. From subtle pastels to bold and bright colours, you can create an eye-catching look for your kitchen. 

green matt tile - costa nova herringbone azure tile mini herringbone turquoise tile
T. Green Matt | Costa Herringbone Azure | Microtiles Turquoise | Mini Herringbone

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3. Dark and Moody Herringbone Tile Splashbacks 

marlow ocean gloss tile

Ocean Gloss | Marlow 

If you want to create a moody atmosphere in your kitchen, then dark herringbone tiles are an excellent choice. Whether you use matte or glossy black tiles, this will add a touch of drama and sophistication to any space. 

canvas blue tile black satin herringbone tile costa nova glacier matt tile
Canvas Blue | Diesel Camp Black Satin Herringbone | Cotto Mosaic Br Glacier Matt | Costa


4. Neutral Herringbone Kitchen Floor Tiles 

For a laid-back and cosy kitchen look, opt for neutral herringbone tiles. 

White 75x300 | Carrara Mosaics Noronha Matt | Terralma Statuario Matt | Roma 


5. Dark Herringbone Kitchen Floor Tiles 

If you want to create a sophisticated atmosphere in your kitchen, then dark herringbone tiles are the way forward. They look great when combined with bright-coloured furniture and add depth to any floor space. 

Bora Bora Matt | Terralma Peltro 7x28 | Rewind Grafite 7.5x30 | Roma


6. Stone-Look Herringbone Kitchen Floor Tiles

Stone-look herringbone tiles are a great choice for creating an earthy and natural feel in your kitchen. They’re ideal for lending texture, character and warmth to any floor. 

Soho Matt | New York Brick Greenwich Village Matt | New York Brick Amber 6x30 | Context


7. Wood-Look Herringbone Kitchen Floor Tiles 

Quercia 15x90 | Treverkway 

We have a fantastic range of ceramic and porcelain tiles that have the appearance of a hardwood floor, but are a stronger, more durable flooring option. They are scratch resistant, easy to clean and water-resistant. 

wood like floor tile

scottish oak matt floor tile

natural matt tile

Acero 15x90 | Treverkway Scottish Oak Matt | Mellelegni Natural Matt | Breath

At Tile Space, we have a  huge selection of herringbone tiles to choose from to create a unique and stylish look in your kitchen. 

Whether you opt for classic white tiles, bold colours, a natural stone look or a wood look, you’re sure to find the perfect herringbone tile pattern that will bring your project to life. 

With our expert advice, we are here to help you achieve the perfect herringbone kitchen look and make your project a success! 

If you have any questions about choosing the right tiles for your project, don't hesitate to contact us - we're always happy to help!  Find your nearest Tile Space store here for 1-1 tile advice. 

For more tile ideas, head over to our  Kitchen Tile Inspiration page here.

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