Kitchen Design 101: 6 Modern Kitchen Splashback Tile Ideas

6th Apr 2023

Kitchen Design 101: 6 Modern Kitchen Splashback Tile Ideas

 Are you looking to create a feature in your kitchen? A splashback is a great way to add a modern and stylish look to your kitchen.

We understand that choosing the best kitchen splashback tiles can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together this guide to help you. We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about choosing kitchen splashback tiles and provide five inspiring ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


What is the latest trend for kitchen splashbacks?

Modern kitchen splashbacks are all about contemporary style, with a key focus on colours and textures. The latest trends include stone-look tiles, mosaics and raised and textured tiles.


What tiles are best for kitchen splashbacks?

Choosing the right tile for your kitchen splashback is important. Porcelain, ceramic and glass tiles are all suitable options as they are easy to clean and maintain.


6 Modern Kitchen Splashback Tile Ideas:


Subway Tile Splashbacks

Subway tiles are a classic style that never goes out of fashion and work well with traditional and modern kitchen designs. To create a more modern look, explore coloured and textured subway tiles - you can even experiment with different tile finishes.


Boston lavagna tile

Lavagna | Boston

The Boston Lavagna tile is a traditional style with an edgy look. This moody black tile is versatile enough to fit into any kitchen design.


Village Tuscany Gold Gloss Tile

Tuscany Gold Gloss | Village

If you are wanting bright tile to warm up your space, then the Village Tuscany Gold Gloss tile is a beautiful option. Having pockets of colour against white tiles creates unique contrast and divides your space into cute little sections.

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Splashbacks with Contemporary Feel

Unexpected colour is edgy and exciting - it is also the way to create a contemporary kitchen. Adding vibrant tiles to your space is an easy way to create a unique point of difference in your kitchen.


Artisan Rose Mallow Gloss 13.2

Rose Mallow | Artisan

The Artisan Rose Mallow tile is the ideal amount of unconventional to produce a modern and trendsetting design. Instead of a typical rectangle tile, this bold square tile gives any space an extreme wow factor.

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Onda T. Green Matt | Costa

The detail of the Costa Onda T. Green Matt tile makes for an expensive handmade look. A more understated look with its muted colour and simple lines does not mean it should be overlooked - embrace its simple elegance!


White Tile Splashbacks

White tiles are classic and timeless, but that does not mean they are outdated. A popular choice for a reason, white tiles fit seamlessly into any design and create a light and airy space.


Village White Gloss Tile

White Gloss | Village

The Village White Gloss tile features a beautiful handmade look that allows for more playful designs than a typical white subway tile.

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Rhombus White Gloss 15.2x26.3

White Gloss | Rhombus Wall

White tile mosaics are an excellent way to create an interesting yet subtle design. This Rhombus White Gloss tile is a fun change of pace from your typical white tile backsplash.


Natural Stone Look Splashbacks

With the right tile, you can achieve a natural stone look without the heavy price tag. Natural stone tiles provide a beautiful neutral backdrop and are extremely versatile in terms of blending with other design styles.


Lombarda Grigio Matt Tile

Grigio Matt | Pietra Lombarda

If you are after a really organic feel, the Lombarda Grigio Matt tile is for you. Inspired by grey stone, it does a good job of being a cool yet soft contrast against warm colours.


Invisible Light Sat Tile

Invisible Light Satin | Delight

For something a bit more sophisticated, you can’t go past the Invisible Satin Light tile. This marble-look tile provides a high-end look for any kitchen.

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Mosaic Splashbacks

Mosaic tiles open up endless opportunities for creativity. If you are looking for a dramatic look, mosaic splashbacks are the answer. They provide an impressive effect and can be used to inject plenty of colour into your kitchen design.


Yubi Cloud Gloss Finger Tiles

Cloud Gloss Finger Mosaic | Yubi

The Yubi Cloud Gloss Finger Mosaic tile is the perfect option to give your kitchen a modern and stylish look. The glossy finish will reflect any natural light in your space, making it look bigger and brighter.


Maku Deco Light Tile                                                                   Deco Light | Maku

The Maku Deco Light tile provides great contrast with its mix of light and dark textures. The subtle difference between the two colours is enough to create an eye-catching design that won’t overpower the space.

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Textured Splashbacks

For those who want to add some depth to their kitchen design, textured tiles are the way to go. Textured tile surfaces provide a beautiful reflection of light, making any kitchen feel bigger.


Artisan Alabaster Gloss Tile

Alabaster Gloss 6.5x20 | Artisan

The Artisan Alabaster Gloss tile is a popular choice for achieving a more organic style. It has a subtle brushed look that will make your kitchen feel more natural and inviting.

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Piastrella Olive Mix Tile

Oliva Mix | Piastrella

The Piastrella Oliva Mix tile is perfect for getting a contemporary yet earthy look in your kitchen. This textured tile will add warmth and personality to any design, making it the perfect option for adding character to an otherwise bland kitchen space.


Choosing the Right Tile for a Splashback:


Should the splashback be lighter or darker than the countertop?

The key to creating a kitchen with a visual balance is to choose tiles for the splashback that are either slightly lighter or darker than the countertop. Softer and more subtle tones will create harmony in an already busy kitchen, while bolder shades can add contrast and depth.


Should the kitchen splashbacks be matt or glossy?

Glossy tiles can create an eye-catching and modern kitchen look, while matt tiles have a more natural and earthy feel. Both offer excellent design options, so it’s important to consider the other elements already in your kitchen before deciding which is best for you.

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What size tile is best for the kitchen splashback?

Splashbacks traditionally use smaller tiles however you should definitely consider larger tiles for the luxurious look they offer. The size of your tiles will ultimately depend on your overall kitchen design and what will work best to achieve your desired look.


What is the most cost-effective splashback?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are more budget-friendly options compared to natural stone and glass. Fortunately, Tile Space has a great range of stone-look and iridescent tiles that will achieve a similar look.


Tile Space offers a wide range of modern kitchen splashback tiles that will help you create the perfect kitchen. So get inspired and have fun creating your own unique look with Tile Space today!


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