Add Pizzazz To Your Outdoor Space Or Pool This Summer!

10th Apr 2020

Add Pizzazz To Your Outdoor Space Or Pool This Summer!

The outdoors can be a fabulous space to create a stylish pool space and create a gorgeous entertainment patio, deck or walkway. At Tile Space we offer an excellent range of pool tiles from Bisazza and a wide range of exterior tiles which are a clever and durable alternative to pavers.

When looking at the design of your pool space the wonderful world of Bisazza Mosaics can be the defining piece to your puzzle. For over 50 years Bisazza have been responsible for bringing revolutionary mosaics to the industry. With beauty, design, colour and depth of detail in Bisazza’s range the possibilities for your pool area are simply endless. Bisazza brings an element of luxury and tranquillity to your pool space and you can escape to a luxury oasis right in the comfort of your own back garden.

Not only are Bisazza Mosaics a stunning design statement they are also crafted using the finest of materials. Fine silica sand is used to create the glass mosaic and oxides added to bring a strong depth of colour. The special nature of the mosaics has been rendered to complement the unique southern hemisphere sunlight, creating that gorgeous glitzing glow in your swimming pool. Bisazza is the only company to create a range of coloured grouts called fill gel which is a great accompaniment to the overall appearance of the pool.

In line with Bisazza’s philosophy of ongoing technical innovation, Bisazza have developed a revolutionary hot melt system. This superior system far exceeds current standards for mosaic adhesion products. It allows for the alignment of mosaics to be even and for deep and uniform penetration of grout. These extra additions from the team at Bisazza all help to create the sensational and gorgeous pool area you always dreamed of.

Adding tiles to your exterior is the perfect hardy and design savvy solution to your outdoor space. Exterior tiles have an extra texture on the surface that allows the tile to be anti-slip, in either a roccia (rough) or grip (sandpaper like) texture. Tiles are a great accompaniment to the outdoors with their low level of water absorption. They are a frost proof solution made to withstand the outdoor elements.

For your outdoor entertainment areas, Tile Space have a wide range of 20mm thick tiles that can be used as pavers or be used with deck jacks to create a level and seamless patio or deck, even in apartments. One of these great tiles from our Marvel Pro range and exclusive only to Tile Space, is Statuario structured. This tile is a beautiful replica of Statuario Marble with a classic marble veining look. It is great for creating an indoor/outdoor flow with the matching interior version of this tile.

With the right combination of outdoor tiling and Bisazza pool mosaics you really can create a stunning masterpiece. For help and advice on how you can create a beautiful relaxing outdoor space come visit your nearest Tile Space store. Our friendly team are trained professionals to give you top quality expert advice.

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