Best Of The Block NZ

8th Apr 2020

Best Of The Block NZ

Renovation shows are a guilty pleasure for many of us, while they may spark house envy, they inspire us with design ideas and styling tips. From Season 4 through to Season 7, Tile Space has proudly supplied The Block NZ tiles. Over the years we have seen our tiles used in so many creative ways, from luxurious marble bathrooms to bold kitchen splashbacks and patterned laundry floors. Take a look at some of our favourite tile choices from past seasons and stay tuned for The Block NZ Firehouse room reveals!


The Block NZ S7 Amy & Stu bathroom
Amy & Stu Season 7 - Feature Wall: Mixed Blue Penny Round Mosaic MT1274 | Floor: Square Colours | Wall: Marlow Cloud Gloss MT1366

The Block NZ S7 Ben & Tom bathroom
Ben & Tom Season 7 - Feature Wall: Carrara Fishscale Mosaic MT1378 | Floor: Diesel Concrete White | Wall: Diesel Camp Rock Black

Chlo & Em Season 7 - Feature Wall: Diesel Camp Rock Black Mix | Floor: Goroka Grafito | Wall: White Satin Herringbone Mosaic MT1321The Block NZ S7 Chlo & Em bathroom

Copy of The Block -1...
Ling & Zing Season 6 - Floor to Ceiling: Mark Pearl Matt

Niki & Tiff Season 5 - Floor tile: Demel Multicolour | Wall tile: Lumina White Matt

Sarah & Minanne Season 4 - Wall tile Frozen Garden & Floor to wall tile Marvel Pro Noir Matt

Cementia Grey 75
Cat & Jeremy Season 4 - Floor to wall tile: Cementia Grey


Copy of The Block-34
Andy & Nate Season 6 - Wall tile: Marvel Carrara Polished | Floor tile: Roma Grafite Subway

The Block NZ S7 Chlo & Em Ensuite
Chlo & Em Season 7 - Floor & Shower Cut Out: Music Hall Multicolour | Floor Taco: Taco Dome Anthracita | Wall: Shades White Gloss

The Block NZ S7 Claire 7 Agni Ensuite
Claire & Agni Season 7 - Floor: Marra Flower | Walls: Brick Gloss Black MT1154 & Brick Glossy White MT1150

The Block NZ S7 Ben & Tom Ensuite
Ben & Tom Season 7 - Wall: Contrafalda Black | Floor: Maku Grey Satin | Feature Wall: Onyx Shadow Polish


Andy and Nate ATC098...
Andy & Nate Season 6 - Splashback tile: Marvel Noir Polish | Floor tile: Unici Greige

The Block NZ S7 Amy & Stu Kitchen
Amy & Stu Season 7 - Wall Tile: Shades of Yellow

Niki & Tiff Season 5 - Wall tile: Boston Lavagna

Emma & Courtney Season 5 - Wall tile: Cube Gloss Mosaic


The Block NZ S7 Chlo & Em Laundry
Chlo & Em Season 7 - Wall tile: Mini Dot Pink

Amy & Stu Season 7 - Wall tile: Artisan Rose Mallow

House 1 - Claire _ A...
Claire & Agni Season 7 - Floor tile: Ladakhi Grafito

Niki & Tiff Season 5 - Wall tile: Boston Petrolio


The Block NZ S7 Amy & Stu Entrance
Amy & Stu Season 7 - Floor tile: Travetino Cream Matt


Stace & Yanita Season 6 - Outdoor Floor tile: Cliffstone White Dover


Andy & Nate Season 6 - Outdoor floor tile: Marvel Statuario

Nick & Tiff Season 5 - Outdoor floor tile: Marvel Statuario