The Block NZ Bathrooms: The Best Looks from 2015-2021

11th Nov 2022

The Block NZ Bathrooms: The Best Looks from 2015-2021

    Tile Space was the proud supplier of tiles for The Block NZ from 2015 to 2021.

    Over the years, the teams created fantastic designs utilizing tiles from Tile Space. See below to find out who used which tiles in The Block series from 2015-2021.

    We’ve put together a list of the best The Block bathrooms to inspire you.



    Now let’s get into it. Here are 8 of our all-time faves from The Block bathrooms featuring premium bathroom tiles from Tile Space.

    The best bathroom looks from 2019- Heritage firehouse transformed into luxury apartments

    Three's The Block NZ returned for its eighth season in 2019 with the challenge of turning an old fire station in Kingsland into high-end apartments. Check out what a few of these teams used below.

    We were blown away by the teams' tile choices for family bathroom week this season.


    1. Lisa & Ribz’ Ensuite Bathroom Oasis

    A winning ensuite for Lisa & Ribz who created a calming and timeless space that won over the judges.

    The couple used our best-selling stone look Italian tile Nordic Islanda for the bathroom floor tiles and shower walls.

    This tile has the natural look of limestone with a soft light grey colour. It works beautifully with the Artisan Moss Green Square behind the vanity.

    With its handmade look, high variation and gorgeous colour, the Moss Green feature tile was the show stopper in this room.

    Its placement created an effortless flow between the ensuite and bedroom, as highlighted by their clever use of matching colours in the bedroom.

    Here’s another instance where the Artisan Moss Green Square has been used, this time on a shower wall.

    Lisa and Ribz finished the room with 3D tile Lumina Bubble White Matt, a decorative tile that added further texture to the space.

    Tiles used

    3D wall tile Lumina Bubble White.

    Due to its high popularity, we longer have stock for the Lumina Bubble tile.

    Please take a look at these alternatives from the same range,

    Feature wall tile

    Artisan Moss Green 132x132
    Floor & wall tile Nordic Islanda Matt


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    2. Amy & Stu’s Modern Art Deco Bathroom

    Amy & Stu nailed the Art Deco-inspired look through bright white marble looking tiles and a Burgundy feature wall.

    Laying the Artisan subway tiles vertically created an on-trend look that was highlighted by the tile's high variation.

    Tiles used

    Floor tile Marvel Calacatta 600x600
    Feature wall tile Artisan Burgundy 65x200
    Wall tile Lumina Bianco Gloss

    Due to its high popularity, we longer have stock for the Lumina Bianco Gloss tile.

    Please take a look at these alternatives.


    3. Sophia & Mikaere’s Intimate Ensuite Bathroom

    Sophia & Mikaere pulled elements of their family bathroom through to their ensuite to create a bold space with Nordic influence.

    Based on the Italian look of Ceppo di Gre using the same tile Lombarda in grey, they used floor-to-ceiling bathroom tiles on more than one wall.

    This created tiled benches in their shower.

    Their bathroom wall tiles from Jason, Vestige Tangram Cool Grey, have a number of patterns, creating a geometric shape when laid.

    This provides a stunning contrast between the natural grey texture and the contemporary pattern.

    Tiles used

    Floor and wall tile

    Lombarda Grigio 900x900

    Feature wall tile Vestige Tangram Cool Grey

    Due to its high popularity, we longer have stock for this tile.

    Please take a look at these alternatives.


    The best bathroom looks from 2016: Girls vs Boys - Bohemian Bathroom 


    Moroccan Look Tile Demel Multicolour

    4. Nikki & Tiff's Bohemian Bathroom from Season 5

    Nikki & Tiff's beautiful bohemian bathroom from the 2016 season of The Block NZ seems like a lifetime ago now.

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    Tiff created a look that has stood the test of time using our  Demel Multicolour Patterned tile.



    The best bathroom looks from 2021: Impressive architecture

    Season 9 of The Block NZ, titled ‘The Redemption’ featured some of the most impressive architecturally designed houses we have ever seen.

    Here are our favourite bathroom looks from this season.


    5. Connie & Rach’s Glamourous Marble Bathroom

    Click on each tile to shop the look,

    1. Kyoto Concave Snow Gloss Mos

    2. Invisible Light Matt 60x120

    3. Invisible Light Sat120x260 6mm

    4. Waterfall Gray Chevron


    6. Tim & Arthur’s Zen-Inspired Bathroom

    Click on each tile to shop the look,

    1. Affogato Dark Grey Matt 60

    2. Niagara Grey Matt 60

    3. Straight Bone White Matt 15mm

    4. Magma Sea Blue Matt 13.2 (not in photo)


    7. Meg & Dan’s Marble Bathroom with Brass Fittings

    Click on each tile to shop the look,

    1. Marvel Calacatta Polish 45x90

    2. Metaline Iron Matt 60x120


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    8. Dylan & Keegan’s Sophisticated Pink & Grey Bathroom

    Click on each tile to shop the look,

    1. Piastrella Rose Mix 5x25

    2. Metaline Zinc Matt 60x120

    3. Nordic Finlandia Matt 60


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