4 Glamorous Art Deco and Mid-Century Tile Ideas That Are On-Trend

24th Jul 2023

4 Glamorous Art Deco and Mid-Century Tile Ideas That Are On-Trend

Want to redesign your bathroom with snazzy vintage styles? Tile Space has an extensive range offloor and wall tiles to recreate any look, including fabulous trends from the 20th century - Art Deco and Mid-Century tiles! These iconic tile designs have made a comeback and are predicted to carry on for the next few years, and it's easy to see why. They infuse modern bathrooms and kitchens with an irresistible vintage charm with bold patterns and vibrant colours. Bringing these classic styles into modern houses is so easy and fun; we'll show you how!

Scroll on to see a stunning list of Mid-Century and Art Deco tile designs that work for all kinds of NZ homes - from classic 1920s villas to contemporary townhouses. But first, our in-house designer, Moet Walker, will talk about the unique characteristics of Mid-Century and Art Deco tiles, so you'll know just what you're looking for.

H2 What tiles are art deco?

A kitchen backsplash featuring ourMat & More Art Deco White tile

Inspired by the bold and sophisticated style that emerged in the 1920s, art deco tiles are known for their symmetrical patterns and striking geometric shapes and lines, which include the iconic fan and sunburst.

The most popular Art Deco tile colours are rich reds, greens, and yellows, complemented by lustrous metallic finishes of chrome or brass that create an effortlessly elegant atmosphere. And to balance the vibrant hues, expect to see neutrals like black, pastel pink, and polished timber incorporated into the tile design.

See our collection of decorative tiles that include Art-Deco designs.

H2 What kind of tile is mid-century modern?

A modern Mid - Century bathroom designed using our Artisan Moss Green Gloss tile

Modern-day Mid-Century tiles are characterised by their distinctive shapes, including:

Colours to look for in Mid-Century tiles include fun shades of,

For grout, you have the option of classic white or going bold with a splash of colour. It's so easy to incorporate Mid-Century tiles into your bathroom, kitchen or living room feature wall. Another factor that sets Mid-Century modern tiles apart from other styles is their installation method; straight set or 'stacked' patterns that presented a more repetitive and uniform look as opposed to the more traditional staggered or offset tile patterns.

Now that we've covered the basics let's move on to the exciting part!

4 Timeless Mid-Century and Art Deco Tile Designs For Your Bathroom

Here are four beautiful ideas on how to bring the glamour of the 20th Century to your home with Mid-Century and Art Deco tiles.

1. Mid-Century tiles with sleek squares and clean lines

Mid-century is all about the squares and clean lines, but to modernise it, make the squares smaller or do a coloured feature grout; you can even do multiple coloured squares!

The Pixel 41 Tile

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Minokoyo Olive Gloss

Mosaic Tile

2. Art Deco tile with bold geometric patterns

Art Deco is all about geometric patterns; the curves are coming back stronger than ever and are seen in architecture, furniture, and tiles!

Firenze Deco Fiore Hexagon Gloss

Harrow Grafito 31.6

Goroka Grafito 20

Mat & More Art Deco White tile

3. Captivating feature walls with Art Deco tiles

A fun way to bring art deco into your bathrooms, kitchens or living room is to incorporate it as a feature! Here are some fun ideas to achieve this in a more modernised setting.Featured here is the eclectic 'Twister' collection from our Spanish supplier, WOW and our Italian supplier Atlas Concorde.Get in touch with us if you want to know more about these collections.

4. Dramatic art deco wallpaper tiles

Want to do something really traditional Art Deco? Wallpaper! We supply waterproof wallpaper, so this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate the original style by having wallpaper!

Explore our wallpaper tile collection here and see the stunning range of art deco designs from our Italian tile suppliers, Inkiostro Bianco and Tecnografica.

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We hope these designs inspired you to add Mid-Century and Art Deco tiles to your project. To summarise,

  • Art Deco tiles feature symmetrical patterns with bold colours like reds, greens, and yellows, complemented by metallic finishes
  • Mid-Century tiles are characterised by shapes like hexagons, triangles, and subways and colours like mustard yellow, blues, greens, and pastel tones
  • Mid-Century tiles are known for their distinctive straight set or 'stacked' pattern that presents a more uniform look
  • The four on-trend Art Deco and Mid-Century tile ideas range from; sleek squares and clean lines to captivating feature walls, bold geometric patterns and dramatic wallpaper tiles.

Want to see what these tile designs look like in your own space? Pop into any Tile Space store to experience Design Space - our new tile rendering service that brings your ideas to life! Or, if you're ready to browse Mid-Century and Art-Deco, click here to explore our floor and wall tile collection.