The Beginner’s Guide to Extra-Large and Large Format Tiles

1st Mar 2023

The Beginner’s Guide to Extra-Large and Large Format Tiles

Are you looking for large format tiles that will make a statement in your space? Look no further than Tile Space! We have New Zealand's largest tile range and are experts in large-format tiles.

We understand that large format tiles come with specific installation requirements, which is why we are here to offer expert advice on everything from choosing the right large format tiles to installation and aftercare.


5 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before Choosing XL Tiles

Here are five things to know before you decide on extra large and large format tiles.


1. Size and Space

First, think about the practicality of using these tiles. Consider the size of the space you need to tile and whether the larger format will work well in that area.

Remember that if you have taller studs, you may need extra tiles, which can add to the cost and complexity of the project.


2. Access

Another important factor to consider is access. These tiles are larger than standard

tiles, so you'll need to make sure they can fit into the space you're working with. This is especially important in renovation projects where access can be more challenging.

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3. Installation

Caption: Installing extra large tiles need extra care and special tools. This Raimondi Easy Move MKIV is a great example.

Next, think about your tiler. Handling extra large format tiles requires specialised

equipment and skills, so it's important to choose a tiler who has experience with this type of tile. Make sure they're confident in their ability to do the job well, as mistakes can become costly.

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4. Costs - Is It Cheaper To Use Large Tiles?

Speaking of cost, it's important to remember that using extra large format tiles is

typically more expensive than standard tiles. While larger tiles cover more area than small tiles, the installation process is more technical, meaning they take longer to install and so have extra installation costs.

You'll need to budget accordingly and consider whether this is the right choice for your project. Meeting up with a Tile Space consultant would be a huge advantage as you can discuss all your options and get the best advice.

Click here to book a complimentary, private consultation.


5. Tile Layout and Format

Finally, consider whether there are matching formats available for other parts of the room or house. While extra large format tiles may not work for every area, many manufacturers offer smaller formats that can be used in other parts of the room to create a cohesive look.


6. Browse Popular XL Tiles

Convinced XL tiles are for you? Then head over to explore our spectacular collection of XL and Large Format tiles and find the perfect tile to decorate your space. Here are three of the most popular extra large format tiles at Tile Space right now.


Navona Bone Vein Matt TileOnyx Unique Matt TileSynestesia Emerald Satin Tile
Navona Bone Vein Matt 60x120Onyx Unique Matt 120x270Synestesia Emerald Satin 120x278 6mm

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9 Important FAQs About XL and Large Format Tiles



What is considered a large format tile?

Generally, large format tiles are defined as any tile 750x750 or bigger. Extra-large format tiles are considered anything 1200x1200 and over. The size and scale of these tiles is truly extraordinary, so we recommend coming to see us in-store to get a better idea. 

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What is the largest tile size available?

Metaline Iron 160x320 12mm

Iron 160x320 | Metaline

We currently have extra large format tiles available up to 1600x3200! If you’re looking for larger tiles with a wow factor, look no further than these magnificent tiles.

Whatever large format tiles you’re looking for, we offer you a large range of options however, if you are after something larger, we can order in a greater range of XL tiles from our overseas suppliers - just talk to one of tile experts in store today!



Are large floor tiles in style?

Kone Mix Matt 75x150

Mix Matt | Kone

Absolutely! Large format tiles are the perfect way to give your floor an updated look that is on trend. Whether you’re looking to give your floor a modern twist or add character and sophistication, large format tiles are the perfect addition.

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What floor tile pattern makes a room look bigger?

If you’re looking to create the illusion of space, large format tiles laid in a vertical or diagonal pattern are your best option. This will create the look of length and width, making any room appear bigger.


Do large tiles crack easier?

Not necessarily. Large format tiles may be more susceptible to movement and settling if not correctly installed, so it’s important that you outsource to a tiling professional to ensure proper installation.


Is large format tile harder to install?

Invisible Light Sat120x260 6mm

Invisible Light Satin | Delight

Installing large format tiles can be tricky due to their size and weight. The sheer weight of them requires at least two people to lift and install them. Their technical installation requirements are not to be overlooked - if large format tiles are not installed correctly, they can suffer from movement over time.

We recommend professional installation for all our large and extra large format tiles. Learn more about picking the right tiler here.


Is there more waste with larger tiles?

Yes, large format tiles can generate more waste than smaller tiles due to their large size. We recommend ordering 10-15% additional tile for large installations to allow for cuts and wastage during installation.


Pros and Cons of Larger Tiles:


What are the advantages of large tiles?

  • They create a large, uninterrupted look
  • Fewer grout lines
  • Easier to clean


What are the disadvantages of large tiles?

  • Can be difficult to install
  • May be more expensive than small-format tiles
  • More waste generated during installation

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Are large format tiles worth it?

Metaline Iron Matt 120x260 6mm

Iron Matt | Metaline

Large format tiles can create an amazing statement in any room and will last for many years to come. The large, uninterrupted expanse of tile is perfect for creating a contemporary look, while fewer grout lines make them easier to clean - large format tiles are a worthwhile investment.

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If you’re ready to transform your space with large format tiles, Tile Space has you covered with NZ’s largest tile range and expert advice. Come and visit us in-store today!



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