Mosaic Tiles – Our Trend Predictions For NZ

16th Mar 2023

Mosaic Tiles – Our Trend Predictions For NZ

Looking to add a touch of trend and flair to your home? Mosaic tiles are the perfect way to do it! Mosaic tiles add texture, colour and pattern to any space.

Whether you use them as a feature wall or statement floor, they will instantly transform the look of your house.

Our tile experts have curated a selection of on-trend mosaic tiles that will make your home look fabulous!




Are mosaic tiles still in style?

Absolutely! This trend is here to stay! Mosaic tiles are forever a popular choice to add character and unique style to any space.

The options are endless, whether you are after a traditional or modern mosaic tile design.


What tiles are best for mosaics?

Glass mosaic tiles are among the most popular. Their glossy finish adds a touch of luxury to any space. Alternatively, porcelain and ceramic mosaic tiles have a more classical look.

It's important to consider what style best suits the room you want to tile before purchasing mosaic tiles.

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5 Mosaic Tile Trends for 2023:

1. Finger Tiles

If you’re looking for a mosaic tile that will make an impression, finger tiles are the way to go! Finger mosaic tiles come in sheets of narrow strips, creating a simple yet interesting design.

Bone White Matt 22mm | Straight


Peacock Gloss Finger Mosaic | Yubi


2. Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles are perfect for creating a space filled with light and colour. Their glossy finish creates a stunning iridescent quality that reflects light all throughout a room.

Blend Rachele Hotmelt | Bisazza


Is glass mosaic tile out of style?

Blend Paola Hotmelt | Bisazza

No way! Glass mosaic tiles have been popular for many years and will continue to be. Their adaptability and reflective characteristics make them an unbeatable trend for this year.

They are also ideal for creating modern and engaging designs due to their ability to be customised.


Our Bisazza Glass Mosaic Range:

Bisazza mosaic tiles are renowned for their quality craftsmanship and luxurious finishes. Their glass mosaic tiles provide a brilliant sparkle that will add a touch of sophistication to your home.


Blend Ghiaccio Plus HotmeltBlend Gloria Hotmelt Blend Tripoli Hotmelt

Learn more about our Bisazza range here


3. Marble Look Tiles

Marble look mosaic tiles have a timeless yet modern aesthetic. They come in an array of neutral and earthy tones, making them perfect for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Chevron Matt | Carrara Porc


Marble Polished Hexagon | Carrara Mosaics



4. Micro Tiles

Micro mosaic tiles are becoming increasingly popular due to their subtle yet effective design. They are superb for creating intricate patterns and modern designs.

Learn more about our Microtiles range here

Basket Terracotta Mosaic | Microtiles


Subway Mix | Microtiles


5. Geometric Tiles

Geometric mosaic tiles are a great way to create a bold statement. From intricate shapes to bolder designs, geometric tiles add visual interest to any space.

Diamond Black Satin | Cube


Hex White Gloss | Cotto Mosaic 50


How do you modernise mosaic tiles?

Modernising mosaic tiles is all in the design. For a more contemporary look, experiment with different shapes, sizes and colours to create something unique. Alternatively, you could opt for simple, minimalist patterns that look sleek and sophisticated.

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Feeling inspired? Shop the trend mosaic tile range at Tile Space and create something special in your home. With NZ’s largest tile range, you will surely find trendy mosaic tiles perfect for your home!

Whatever trend you choose, mosaic tiles will surely add personality and charm to any space. For more mosaic tile advice, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly tile experts at Tile Space!



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