The Ultimate Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Non-Slip Tiles

27th May 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Non-Slip Tiles

Want a tile that can handle the hustle and bustle of your daily life without causing slippages? Then, non-slip tiles are your solution! Used in indoor and outdoor spaces, non-slip tiles offer safety, durability and high resistance to the elements of nature. 

Tile Space has a HUGE range of non-slip tiles available in our floor tile and outdoor tile collection, but before you start looking at options, there are a few essentials to know, like grip ratings and installation methods. So, keep scrolling to find out what they are. 


What are non-slip tiles and where can I use them? 

Non-slip tiles have a rougher, more textured surface and a higher grip rating than standard tiles, which have a smoother surface that might lead to accidents and falls. Non-slip tiles provide extra grip through a matte coating so that you can safely walk on them in areas that are more exposed to water and moisture. 

Non-slip outdoor tiles are used for:Non-slip indoor tiles are used for:
  • - Pool surrounds 
  • - Patios 
  • - Walkaways 
  • - Steps
  • - Bathrooms 
  • - Showers 
  • - Kitchens 
  • - Busy hallways

Another option for outdoor tiles is our new InOut tile range. These tiles are unique in that they're designed for both indoor and outdoor use, providing a seamless transition from your home's interior to exterior. 

Thanks to the latest glazed microgrip technology, InOut tiles have a smooth surface as well as a high slip resistance, making them an excellent choice for areas that are often wet, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and patios.

What are non-slip tiles called?

There are lots of different technical terms for non-slip tiles; in our range, non-slip tiles are called grip tiles.

Here are some other terms you might hear;

  • - anti-slip tiles
  • - tactile tiles
  • - slip proof tiles
  • - non-slippery tiles
  • - outdoor tiles
  • - Slip-resistant tiles


What material is best for non-slip?

The best material for non-slip outdoor tiles is porcelain. A non-slip porcelain tile is highly durable as it can withstand exposure to the elements. It’s also resistant to scratches and stains, so you don't have to worry about damage from everyday wear and tear.

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What type of tile is not slippery?

The best type of tiles that aren't slippery is exterior grade R11 or higher-rated porcelain tiles. These flat outdoor tiles have a more textured grip surface which makes them less slippery. The textured surface of the tile provides traction and reduces the risk of slipping.

Our huge range of non-slip outdoor tiles includes a variety of textures, from smooth to rough, so you can find the perfect tile for your project. 


Grip Ratings Explained

When selecting outdoor tiles, it's important to consider the grip rating. Grip ratings indicate the slip risk of the tile. Based on an international slip resistance test, the higher the rating on the ‘R’ scale, the better the slip resistance. 

Outdoor tiles are in the range of R11 to R13.


Rating Guide:

  • - R11: (Standard/ most common slip rating). Suitable for interior and exterior use.
  • - R12: High Slip Resistance. Suitable for outdoor use, such as pools, patios, and balconies. It can be used in light commercial areas.
  • - R13: The highest level of slip resistance. Ideal for ramps, stairs, swimming pool surrounds and heavily trafficked external areas.


What are the best slip-resistant floor tiles for indoors? 

Porcelain tiles with a grip rating of R10 are recommended for indoor areas that are exposed to moisture and water, like bathrooms, kitchens and even entryways that receive a lot of foot traffic. Easy to clean and maintain, non-slip flooring tiles have a matt finish and are able to withstand frequent splashes of water. 

Our slip-resistant floor tiles come in a range of sizes and shapes ranging from XL format tilessmall and standard sized tiles all the way to unique shapes like herringbone, chevron, penny rounds, and hexagon, to name a few. 

Take a look at these bathroom floor tile ideasshower floor tile ideas and kitchen floor tile ideas for inspiration. With Tile Space's new Design Space service, you can bring your favourite tile ideas to life in an ultra-realistic 3D render of your own space! All you have to do is pop into your local Tile Space store with soft copies of your bathroom or kitchen, and our designers will create a 360° render of your space. See this example below of a render done using the gorgeous Medley Green Pop 60 matt slip-resistant floor tile


What are the best tiles to use outdoors? 

The best tile to use outdoors is one that is non-slip and has a grip rating of R11 and higher. This ensures that your outdoor tiles provide a safe surface for walking on. When selecting an outdoor tile, it’s important to take into consideration, 

  • - The type of area you’re tiling 
  • - How much foot traffic the area will receive 

For areas that will receive heavy foot traffic, it’s best to select a tile with a higher grip rating. 

R11 is the most common grip rating we see among tiles for high foot traffic. 

Explore our outdoor tile collection here and see a wide range of grip ratings. Want inspiration for your outdoor space? Check out our Outdoor Tile Inspiration Hub for the latest trends and classic ideas. 


More on non-slip outdoor tiles: installation and ideas 

Let's take a deeper dive into non-slip exterior tiles, which have a high grip rating of R11 or higher. 


How do I make existing outdoor tiles not slippery? 

If you’re looking to make existing outdoor tiles not slippery, then there are a few options. One option is to apply a non-slip coating or treatment to the tile surface. These products will create a textured surface that provides extra grip and helps prevent slips and falls. 

Another option is to use an anti-slip mat or adhesive strips on the tile surface. This will help increase traction and reduce the risk of slipping.


Installing Outdoor Tiles


Can you put outdoor tile over concrete?

When installing outdoor tiles, you must ensure that you have the correct base for your tile.

The best base for outdoor tile is a concrete slab in combination with an appropriate adhesive for the type of tiles you are using.

Ensure that the surface is clean and free from cracks or defects before laying the tile.


Do you need to waterproof under outdoor tiles?

You don’t need to waterproof outdoor tiles laid on ground level. Waterproofing under outdoor tile is only required if the tiles are laid on first-floor balconies- and this is only if it uses a 20mm paver on the decking jack system.


Do outdoor tiles need grout?

Yes, you have to use grout when installing outdoor tiles with 10mm tiles. If you’re using 20mm tiles you don’t need to use grout.

Grouting the 10mm tiles will prevent water from seeping into the structure and the surrounding areas of your outdoor space.

Be sure to choose a grout colour that complements your outdoor tile choice.

Need some inspiration? Check out our outdoor inspiration page here


Deck Jacks - What Are They & Why Do I Need Them?

The Nurajacks deck jack system. Image credit:

If your outdoor tiles are 20mm or thicker tiles and installed on a deck, you need to consider using deck jacks to raise them off the ground. 

This will ensure that the tiles are even and level as well as provide a gap between the tile and the surface for drainage. 

Deck jacks will also help to provide additional grip and reduce the risk of slips and falls. 

Deck jacks are only used for 20mm or thicker tiles, and not for 10mm tiles on jacks. Deck jacks are great if you don’t want to pour concrete. Check out our complete guide to outdoor deck tile systems in NZ for more detailed info.


Are non-slip outdoor tiles suitable for steps?

Yes, absolutely! Non-slip outdoor tiles are ideal for steps as they provide excellent grip, even in wet conditions.

When selecting tiles for steps, look for a tile with a higher grip rating, like R11 or R12. This will ensure that your steps remain safe and slip-free all year round.

Featured: The Beren Light Grey Grip 60 Tile

Our Beren Light Grey Grip 60 tile creates a sleek and modern look in this outdoor area. The light grey tone complements the monochromatic colour combination of the home's exterior, providing a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces.


Can non-slip tiles be stylish?

Absolutely! Tiles with a non-slip finish can be stylish and on-trend! Tile Space has a fantastic range of non-slip outdoor tiles in a huge selection of styles, colours, and designs.

Here are some examples of our stylish range:


Scandinavian Outdoor Tiles




Our Nordic Grip tiles are a great option for creating a Scandinavian style in your outdoor area.

The tile has a subtle grain effect finish with a non-slip grip, perfect for steps and pathways.


Contemporary Outdoor Tiles

.Outdoor Area with Fireplace

Our Pietra Dark Grey Grip tile is a great choice for a modern outdoor area.

The contrast of the dark grey colour and soft white veining of the tile makes it ideal for creating a contemporary look in any outdoor space.


Rustic Outdoor Tiles


Beige Concrete w/ blue plates

Our Navona Bone Cross Grip tile is a great choice for creating a rustic outdoor area.

The tile's subtle texture and beige tones give it an aged look, perfect for a countryside or beachside style.


Decorative Outdoor Tiles 

Decorative Outdoor Tiles

Featured tile: The Bali Pulaki InOut 20

Do you fancy livening up your outdoor area with a splash of personality? Look no further than decorative non-slip tiles from the recently launched Bali InOut range

Perfect for both the indoors and the outdoors, the tiles in this collection feature intricate patterns, vibrant colours and a high degree of slip resistance. They're not just functional; they're art for your floor.


Wrap-Up: Key Points On Non-Slip Outdoor Tiles

  • - Non-slip outdoor tiles are a great option for indoor areas like bathrooms and kitchens and outdoor spaces like decks, patios and gardens, as they provide safety, durability and high resistance to natural elements. 
  • - Slip-resistant floor tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and busy entryways need to have a grip rating of R10. 
  • - The best tile material for outdoor use is porcelain, with a grip rating of R11 or higher. 
  • - Consider the type of area and amount of foot traffic when selecting an outdoor tile. 
  • - Non-slip tiles are also called anti-slip, tactile, slip-proof, and non-slippery tiles. 
  • - For 20mm or thicker outdoor tiles on decks, 'deck jacks' are recommended to provide additional grip and drainage. 
  • - Outdoor tiles can be stylish! Tile Space has a wide range of non-slip outdoor tiles in different styles, colours, and designs. 

We understand that selecting outdoor tiles for your project can be overwhelming, so our team of expert tile advisors is here to help! Our experienced advisers have helped hundreds of clients find the perfect non-slip outdoor tiles for their specific needs. So, book a free tile consultation today and let us help you create the outdoor space of your dreams! Or start exploring our outdoor tile and floor tile collections here.


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