Best Tiles for Outdoor Patios and Decks

27th May 2024

Best Tiles for Outdoor Patios and Decks

The best tiles for outdoor patios and decks have five main qualities: they are made out of porcelain, weather-resistant, non-slip, either 10mm or 20mm in thickness, and, of course, are visually striking. After all, a patio or deck is more than just a functional space; it's a showcase of your home's aesthetic. 

Let's deep dive into these five qualities that make a solid outdoor tile:


✅ Made out of durable porcelain: Outdoor tiles need to be sturdy enough to: 

  • - Withstand heavy foot traffic
  • - Support outdoor furniture
  • - Resist scratching from the elements 

That's why porcelain makes great outdoor deck tiles - it's an extremely hard and dense material that's highly water-resistant, durable and suitable for outdoor use. 

It’s also resistant to scratches and stains, so you don't have to worry about damage from everyday wear and tear. 


High Slip resistance: Whether due to rain or being installed near a swimming pool, outdoor tiles have the potential to become very slippery when wet. So, you need to choose a non-slip outdoor deck tile with a high grip rating of R11 or higher. 

You can find out more about grip ratings in this ultimate guide to non-slip outdoor tiles


Co-ordinated Appearance: Naturally, you want any part of your house to coordinate, inside or out. Tile Space has a HUGE range of outdoor deck tiles, so it's easy to find a tile that matches your home's aesthetic. 


Weather resistant: In addition to durability, outdoor elements like rain, harsh UV rays from the sun can have an effect on tiles in other ways, like mould buildup and colour fade. 

You need tiles that can tolerate exposure throughout every season, and minimal maintenance in terms of moss and mould means the potential of slipping or damage to the tiles is out of mind. 

Here's another reason why you have to get porcelain outdoor tiles - they are extremely nonporous, meaning they won't grow moss or mould. When it comes to the seasons, porcelain doesn't fade in the sun and is frost-proof. 


Size, shape and thickness of the tile: Our outdoor tiles are available in different sizes, thicknesses and shapes, which you can select when shopping on the site. While size and shape are typically chosen based on personal preference and design aesthetics, the thickness of the tile depends on what you're laying it on. 

  • Porcelain pavers which are 20mm thick are suitable for laying on pedestals such as Deck Jacks or gravel foundations. Deck Jacks are a self-levelling pedestal system which allows tilers to install tiles at the level of the interior floor for a seamless indoor/outdoor flow, you can find more about that here in this ultimate guide to deck jack systems
  • Ordinary 10mm thick tiles should be laid on a concrete base. 


Budget considerations: How much do outdoor tiles cost? 

Every project - home or commercial - has a budget. It's not always realistic to empty your pocket on natural stone like granite tile, so it's important to know what tiles can fit a smaller budget while still performing in regard to the above criteria. Our outdoor tile clearance sales always have a good range that doesn't compromise on quality, ranging from $36 to $48 and $78 per m2. 


6 Outdoor Tile Ideas For Patios and Decks 

To get a better idea of what your options are, here's a selection of our best tiles for outdoor patios and decks: 


1. Stone-Look Outdoor Tiles 

Stone-look outdoor tiles

Featured tile: Norde Platino Grip 30x60

Magic Stone is a stone-look tile range that replicates the innate features of the natural stone with realistic textures and unique variations in colour. 


2. Industrial Concrete-Look Outdoor Tile 

Industrial Concrete-Look Outdoor Tile

Featured tile: The Form Cement Grip 60x120 Industrial Concrete-Look Tile

One of our most popular outdoor looks is concrete-look tiles like the Form Cement Grip 60x120 tile; this tile comes with warm and cool grey tones, a pressed concrete effect and rustic edges. 


3. Shell White Sandstone-Look Tile 

Shell White Sandstone-Look Tile

Featured tile: Shell White Grip 60

Our Shell range 60 tile is a well-priced and stylish option inspired by natural sandstone. 

Available in a Grip finish for slip-resistant outdoor use, or Matt or Semi-Polish finishes for indoor use as a wall or floor tile. 


4. Scandinavian Outdoor Tile

Scandinavian Outdoor Tile

Featured tiles: Beren Light Grey Grip 60

Our Beren Light Grey Grip tile in size 60 has a beautiful natural limestone effect with realistic fossil indention. It's also available in a matt finish for indoor use. 


5. Jura Grip Outdoor Paver Tile

Jura Grip Outdoor Paver Tile

Featured tile: Jura Beige Grip 60 20mm Paver tile

Our Jura Beige is one of our most popular paver tiles. Pavers are a type of outdoor tiles that are installed on decking pedestals. 

Pavers can be a preferred alternative for certain projects, as they're cheaper to install than pouring a concrete slab and then laying tile. 


6. Decorative Stone-look Outdoor Tiles 

Decorative Stone-look Outdoor Tiles

Featured tile: Barlavento Caribean Grip 14.5

With our decorative stone-look outdoor tile, you can add an a pop of colour to your outdoor setting. 


FAQS About Outdoor Deck and Patio Tiles 


Can you lay outdoor tiles over decking? 

Yes, you can lay outdoor tiles over decking using a self-levelling pedestal system called Deck Jacks. This system, distributed by Tile Space under the name Nurajacks, allows tilers to install tiles at the level of the interior floor for a seamless indoor/outdoor flow. 

The tiles are not glued or fixed, and water can run in between the tiles to the membrane below, making the system waterproof. It is extremely hard-wearing, thanks to the thick porcelain tiles and elevated access. 

These deck jacks are made of UV-resistant polypropylene, which is light yet extremely strong and durable, ensuring they last for years. So, with Deck Jacks, you can easily transform your deck by laying outdoor tiles for a stylish and functional upgrade. 

Check out this complete guide to installing outdoor deck tile systems in NZ for expert insights about installation methods, cost considerations and more. 


Do outdoor and indoor tiles have to match? 

Not necessarily; it's really up to personal preference. However, maintaining some consistency between the indoor and outdoor settings can create a seamless, more uniform look. Choose tiles based on the other elements around the area, such as : 

  • - Your house colour 
  • - Your pool tiles and pavers 
  • - The plants in your garden 

Find inspiration here for your next renovation or build. 


Outdoor vs. indoor tiles: What's the difference? 

Outdoor tiles are specifically designed to handle the elements come rain or shine and are tougher than indoor tiles. They also have a higher grip rating than indoor tiles (R11 or more) to create a surface that prevents slipping, which is important for safety. 

We don't recommend using outdoor tiles indoors because their rougher surface means if you fall, you can easily graze your knee. Tile Space has a wide range of indoor and outdoor tiles available both online and in-store, so there's something for everyone, whatever your style or budget might be. 


What outdoor tiles are low-maintenance? 

Porcelain tiles make fantastic, low-maintenance outdoor tiles because they are non-porous, so they don't retain much moisture and dirt like concrete, granite and other outdoor tile materials. 

Thanks to high-tech digital printing, porcelain tiles can feature characteristics and vein patterns of natural stone and concrete so you can get the same aesthetic without compromising on ease of maintenance, durability and budget. Just look at how gorgeous and realistic the Ostuni Avorio Grip French Module tile looks in this al fresco setting. 

Ostuni Avorio Grip French Module tile

Key Points To Remember About Outdoor Tiles for Patios and Decks 


The best tiles for decks and patios are: 

  • - Made of porcelain: Porcelain tiles are durable, water-resistant, and resistant to scratches and stains. 
  • - Have a high slip resistance: Choose non-slip tiles with a grip rating of R11 or higher, to prevent accidents. 
  • - Weather resistant: Outdoor tiles should withstand rain, UV rays and resist mould and colour fade. 
  • - Have a coordinated appearance: Match your tiles with your home's aesthetic for a cohesive look. 
  • - Have a thickness of 10mm or 20mm based on your installation surface. 

Got more questions about outdoor tiles and installation? Chat with an expert at your local Tile Space store and get project-specific insights. If you need more inspo, head over to our outdoor inspiration hub here or start exploring our outdoor tile collection.



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