Unique Timber Look Floor Tile Ideas For a Warm and Inviting Home

1st Sep 2023

Unique Timber Look Floor Tile Ideas For a Warm and Inviting Home

Love the hardwood floor aesthetic, but hate the fuss of maintaining them? The answer is  wood-look floor tiles! These practical and cost-effective tiles are becoming increasingly popular in Kiwi homes as they offer the same classic look and feel of real wood floors but require minimal care and maintenance. 

So, if you want to jump on board the wood-look tile trend and want tile ideas for inspiration, this post is for you. Our designers have put together a list of five trends for timber-look floor tiles and answered a few common questions. Let's get started! First,


What Are Wood-Look Tiles?

The Madagascar Nut Matt Tile

Tile flooring that looks like wood is made out of durable porcelain with realistic inkjet printing of natural wood grain and colouring printed on it. This cutting-edge technology allows for stunning wood-look designs that won't fade, scratch, warp, or wear out. It's a game-changer!


Why use wood effect tiles?

Timber-look floor tiles are a great option for areas with high UV exposure and for families with kids and pets, as they don’t fade, warp, scratch, or wear out like natural hardwood floors. Plus, they are much more easier to clean. Wood-look tile flooring is also great if you want a special aged wood design that's hard to achieve with brand-new timber. 

Explore our collection of timber-look tiles here.


5 Styles Of Timber-Look Floor Tiles For Your Home


1. Herringbone wood-look floor tiles

The Quercia 15x90 Treverkway Tile

Create an elegant and classic look with herringbone patterned wood-look floor tiles. The intricate arrangement adds a touch of sophistication to any room, making it an excellent choice for stylish interiors. 

Featured Guide: 7 Stylish Ways To Use Herringbone Tiles In Your Kitchen


2. Wood-Look Tile Flooring With Mixed Colours

Mixed wood-look tiles featuring Miele Matt 20x120 and Marrone Matt 20x120 from our Vintage collection

Add a unique twist to your traditional wood-look tile flooring with contrasting colour tiles. Choose two different shades of brown for an interesting and eye-catching look. 

Above is a 3D render made using the wood-look tiles from our Vintage collection. Want to mix and match wood-look tiles yourself? Visit your local Tile Space store to use the exclusive Design Space service and get 360° realistic tile renders like this for your own space!

Miele Matt 20x120

Marrone Matt 20x120


3. Rustic Wood-Look Tiles

Vintage Marrone Matt Tile

Bring the aesthetic of a classic Kiwi farmhouse into your home with rustic wood-look tiles. Their warm tones create a welcoming atmosphere that exudes comfort and charm.


4. Distressed Wood-Look Porcelain Tile

Blendart Natural Tile

For a realistic, weathered look, consider distressed wood-look porcelain tiles. These tiles showcase the beauty of aged wood, adding a touch of character to your kitchen, bathrooms or living area.


5. Dark Wood-Look Tiles

The Blendart Dark Wood-Look Tile

Create a bold and modern statement with dark wood-look tiles. These tiles exude elegance and provide a stunning contrast against lighter décor, making them perfect for contemporary interiors.



5 FAQs About Wood-Look Tiles Answered By Tile Expert

Here's Moet Walker, Tile Space consultant and designer, answering five common questions about wood-look tiles.


Is Wood Look Tile More Expensive?

No, wood-look tiles are generally more affordable than natural wood while offering greater durability, making them a cost-effective and practical choice.


Is Wood Look Tile Better Than Hardwood?

Wood-look tiles are a lot more durable and have easier maintenance than natural wood. But keep in mind that tiles are colder and harder than natural wood, which is warmer and softer underfoot, so consider which qualities you would prefer in your house.


Does Wood Look Tile Need Grout?

Yes, wood look, tiles need grouting - doing so will not only enhance their appearance but also provide the tiles with more stability and protection against moisture.


What Are The Benefits Of Timber-Look Tiles?

Timber-look tiles are an excellent long-term investment because they are; 

  • Exceptionally durable
  • Resistant to dents and scratches 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • More affordable than real wood


How Should Wood Look Tile Be Laid?

The layout of wood-look tiles is a matter of personal preference. Staggered ⅓ patterns and straight stacked styles are the most common choices because they allow for versatility in design.


Recap Of Wood-Look Floor Tile Ideas

Here is a recap of the timber-look tile trend we discussed: 

  • Wood-look floor tiles are a practical and cost-effective alternative to hardwood floors. 
  • Made of durable porcelain with realistic inkjet printing of natural wood grain and colouring. 
  • Timber-look floor tiles are great for high UV exposure areas and families with pets and kids. 
  • They are exceptionally durable, resistant to dents and scratches, easy to maintain, and more affordable than real wood Five trendy styles of timber-look floor tiles include herringbone patterned, mixed colour, rustic, distressed, and dark tiles. 
  • Grouting wood-look tiles enhance their appearance and provide more stability and protection against moisture. 
  • Wood-look tile layout is a matter of personal preference, with staggered patterns and straight stacked styles being the most common choices. 

Transform your home today by shopping for high-quality timber-look floor tiles online from Tile Space. Order samples to discover the perfect fit for your space, or visit a Tile Space store and use our new Design Space service for 3D realistic renders of your favourite wood-look tile ideas. Embrace the warmth and beauty of wood-look tiles in your own home and create a space that radiates comfort and charm.

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