Stunning Pool Tile Trends We're Excited To See In 2024

15th Mar 2024

Stunning Pool Tile Trends We're Excited To See In 2024

Swimming pool tile ideas and trends for 2024 are a fresh take from last year, featuring a blend of decorative tiles, soft colours and seamless design elements. 

As one of New Zealand's leading suppliers of high-quality tiles, Tile Space is at the forefront of these trends with our stunning collection of pool tiles that combine aesthetic innovation and functional excellence. 

Are you looking to buy swimming pool tiles? Here are six pool tile trends our designers and tile experts anticipate are set to shape New Zealand’s pool landscape this year. 


1. Module tiles surrounding the pool

Module pool tiles, like our Ostuni Avorio, are multi-sized tiles that create a unique, captivating pattern around your pool. 

Available in a range of designs, colours, and finishes, modular tiles are a great way to reflect your personal style whilst also uplifting the pool area's aesthetic appeal. 

Lombarda Grigio Grip 60


2. Blurring the lines between the natural surroundings and the pool 

A luxe nature-inspired swimming pool tile idea that seamlessly merges your pool with your landscape. 

Adopting natural colours and textures, this pool tile trend aims to erase the lines between your pool and its surroundings, creating an idyllic getaway in your own garden. 

Our Blend Budapest Hotmelt tile, with its earthy greige, cream and dove grey tones, is a great option if you want to achieve this natural pool aesthetic for your outdoor area.


3. Infinity edge pools

Infinity edge pools are sleek marvels that create an illusion of endless waters, seamlessly merging with the horizon. 

They are trending this year, and we're all for it! Tile Space Bisazza swimming pool mosaic tiles are perfect for this trend, as their reflectivity can make an area appear larger and more open. 

Choose from our favourite mosaic swimming pool tiles: 

The VTC 20.40 Hotmelt Mosaic TileThe Blend Salice Hotmelt Mosaic TileThe VTC Blend Galapagos Hotmelt Mosaic Tile


The Blend Ghiaccio Plus Hotmelt

4. Pools designed with soft colours 

Pool tile trends for 2024 are moving away from the dark, bold colours of the past year into more soft, soothing palettes of light blues, greys and greens to evoke a sense of calmness and tranquillity. 

The VTC 20.44 Hotmelt tile in muted sky blue tone and the Blend Oslo Hotmelt tile in off-white and ivory tones are just two examples from our collection of soft-coloured pool tiles

The VTC 20.44 Hotmelt Mosaic TileThe Blend Oslo Hotmelt Mosaic Tile


5. Fully-tiled pools

Tiling your entire pool gives it a high-end, luxurious effect that concrete pools cannot match. Fully-tiled pools not only look good, but they are also more durable and require less maintenance than their concrete counterparts. 


6. Decorative tiles 

Make a splash with personality using decorative pool tiles, like the Bali Batur InOut 20. From intricate Mediterranean-style patterns to clever geometric designs, these decorative tiles infuse character into your pool space. 

Get the look with these stunning tiles from our new Bali collection


The Bali Muaya InOut 20 Decorative TileThe Bali Pulaki InOut 20 Decorative Tile
The Bali Batur InOut 20 Decorative Tile

The Bali Nusa InOut 20 Decorative Tile


Swimming Pool Tile Ideas and Trends: Your Biggest Questions Answered 

Is there a special tile for pools? 

Yes, pool tiles are specifically designed for wet environments like pools and spas. Porcelain and glass tiles are the most popular choice for pool tiles due to their resistance to water, temperature changes, fading or cracking. 

This ultimate guide to pool tiles will give you the information you need to select the right pool tiles for your renovation or new build. 


What are the most popular pool tile colours for 2024? 

Soft colours like soft blues, greys, and greens are the most popular colour options for pool tiles in 2024. These colours help create a tranquil atmosphere, which is perfect for relaxing by the pool. 


What is the most popular pool surface? 

Glass mosaic tiles have become increasingly popular for pool surfaces because of their incredible reflective qualities that create a beautiful shimmer effect. They are also extremely durable and easy to clean. 

At Tile Space, we stock one of the best mosaic ranges in the world, Bisazza. Bisazza’s revolutionary hotmelt system offers the maximum adhesion and UV resistance available on the market. Explore these beautiful Bisazza pools to find inspiration for your project. 


What is the trend in pool liners in 2024? 

The trend for pool liners this year is to tie into the surrounding area and imitate colours from nature or from your house to create a seamless and harmonious visual experience. 


Is it better to have big or small tiles in a pool? 

It is more common to have small tiles, such as tiles from our Bisazza range, as they enhance the visual appeal of a swimming pool. Larger tiles are more cost-effective, but they aren’t generally installed in pools. Ultimately, the choice of having big or small tiles depends on your personal preference and budget. 

How do I choose a pool design? 

Choosing the right pool design for your space can be a daunting task. The best way to tackle it, however, is to create a design that reflects your personal style and the specific needs of your outdoor space. 

Things to consider; 

  • Budget 
  • Tile shape, colour and finish 
  • Size and shape of your pool 
  • Your existing outdoor space, e.g. size, landscaping, patio 
  • Surrounding patio/deck material 
  • The location of your pool in relation to the sun 

If you are planning on renovating or building a new pool or are even considering it, the team at Tile Space are here to help! 

Whether it’s custom design advice or a trend-inspired look, we can help you create the perfect pool oasis! With one of NZ’s largest pool tile ranges, you're sure to find the perfect tiles for your pool renovation project. For more inspiration, visit us in-store or browse pool tile ideas online.


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