Create Beautiful Swimming Pool Designs Using Bisazza Pool Tiles

11th Apr 2024

Create Beautiful Swimming Pool Designs Using Bisazza Pool Tiles

Want to jazz up your pool for summer and don't know where to start? We got you. Tile Space is the only reseller of Bisazza swimming pool tiles in New Zealand, and we can help make your pool a showstopper. Discover the beautiful range of tiles available in this collection that can take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary, transforming your poolside oasis into a mesmerising work of art. 

But before we dive into those pool designs, let's find out what makes Bisazza Pool tiles so special and why it's worth investing in them. 


What are Bisazza tiles? 

Bisazza tiles are glass mosaics made by one of the top luxury brands in the design sector. Bisazza is used for interior and exterior tiling, we commonly see it used in pools in New Zealand, but it is also a stunning option for bathrooms, as shown below. You can also use them on feature walls!


Blend Paola Hotmelt


What Makes the Bisazza Range Special:


Bisazza Hotmelt Mosaic Sheet

The exclusive hotmelt system by Bisazza is one of the most innovative technologies ever developed in the pool tile industry. 

Bisazza swimming pool tiles have an advanced hotmelt cross-linking system that provides better adhesion than mesh-backed mosaics. These tiles are strong, easy to adjust, and maintain their characteristics when wet. 

Additionally, the polyurethane adhesive is UV resistant, so it won't darken over time. Check out the picture below to see the back of a hot melt mosaic sheet with polyurethane linking. They come with a 15-year guarantee, a testament to the exceptional quality and durability of Bisazza products. 


Where are Bisazza pool tiles made? 

Bisazza pool tiles are exclusively handmade in Italy by the world leader in the production of glass mosaics for interior and exterior decoration. Tile Space is the exclusive stockist of Bisazza in New Zealand, you can view our stocked range here, and we can also order anything from the entire Bisazza range, including Bisazza Custom. 


Why You Should Choose Bisazza Pool Tiles: 

The hotmelt system in Bisazza swimming pool tiles offers superior adhesion and long-lasting quality compared to standard mesh mosaic. Here's an example of a pool designed with the Bisazza Blend Gloria Hotmelt tile below.


The Bisazza Blend Delhi Hotmelt Tile

Each Bisazza mosaic tile is carefully fabricated using only the best raw materials, superior oxides to bring a depth of colour and the finest silica sand to create the highest quality glass. 

This makes Bisazza the first choice for some of the world's most exclusive resorts and spas, including the Palazzo Versace on Australia's Gold Coast! 

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Beautiful Pool Designs Created Using Bisazza Pool Tiles 

Take inspiration from these gorgeous pool areas that were created using three of the most popular Bisazza pool tiles in our collection.


1. The Bisazza Blend Sydney Hotmelt Tile

Blend Sydney Hotmelt


2. The Bisazza Blend Salice Pool Tile

Blend Salice Hotmelt


3. The Bisazza Blend Galapagos Hotmelt Tile

Blend Galapagos Hotmelt


How thick are Bisazza mosaic tiles? 

This depends on the Bisazza tile range you're going for. If you are looking at the standard ranges, such as the Bisazza Vetricolor and Gemme ranges, for example, the tiles are about 4mm thick. 


What is the most popular pool tile colour? 

Generally, a light blue blend is the most popular swimming pool tile colour in New Zealand. But, it's hard to pin the most popular because we sell such a wide range, white pool tiles are also popular. Here's a guide that will help you out -> 5 Stunning Pool Tile Trends for 2023


Customised Bisazza Tiled Pools

Customised Mosaics

The great thing about the Bisazza range is its ability to create customised design. So if you are looking to get creative, this could be the perfect choice for you! 

For special projects and technical enquires contact our Bisazza expert Amanda on 021 665 791 or email 

See more pool tile inspiration here, or start shopping for the Bisazza swimming pool tilesVisit a Tile Space store today to see them in person. Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect tile design and colour for your pool!

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