5 Clever and Classic Concrete Tile Ideas For Outdoor Spaces

3rd May 2024

5 Clever and Classic Concrete Tile Ideas For Outdoor Spaces

Love the sleek, industrial finish of concrete tiles for your outdoor space and don't want to deal with the necessary upkeep and the high price tag? Concrete-look tiles are the answer. Built out of low-maintenance, durable porcelain, these tiles have a realistic concrete appearance that will add a minimalistic, modern touch to any space. 

Here are our top picks for concrete-look tile ideas to inspire you in your next renovation or new build project.


1. The Natural Concrete Look

B.I.S Grafite Grip Tile

Add a natural touch with concrete look tiles that imitate the beauty of real concrete. Choose from our range of earthy hues for a subtle, organic finish and add texture to any space.

Our B.I.S Grafite Grip tile creates colour variation by contrasting dark and light greys tones to create a natural concrete aesthetic.


2. Textured Concrete Tiles

Klif Grey Grip Tile

Choose textural concrete tiles with a rippled surface to create a modern look and elevate any space.

This Klif Grey Grip tile has a subtle textured grip finish that gives any room a fresh and contemporary feel.


3. Speckled Concrete Tiles

Overcome Grey Grip Tile

Add a touch of subtle sophistication with speckled concrete look tiles. Adding an element of interest to your outdoors, speckled tiles, like the Overcome Grey Grip tile, come with multicoloured flecks of white, light grey, mid-grey, dark grey and rust in a grip finish.


4. Modern, Industrial-Style Concrete Tiles

Jura Grey Grip Tile

Create an industrial feel with modern concrete look tiles like our Jura Grey Grip tile for a sleek, minimalist finish. This is a porcelain paver tile that can be used together with the Nuralite Deckjacks and floating deck system

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5. Resort Look Concrete Tiles

Beren Light Grey Grip Tile

Create an outdoor oasis with resort-style concrete look tiles that have a subtle, sandy finish. The Beren Light Grey Grip tile is a perfect example of this, as it's created to mimic natural limestone with a realistic fossil indention. The effect is an effortless and calming look that will make your outdoor area feel like an oasis.


Concrete-look Tile FAQs 

Is cement tile still in style? 

The answer is simple: absolutely! Concrete-look tiles are hugely popular for both indoor and outdoor styling. 

For outdoor areas, concrete-look tiles provide a practical, low-maintenance flooring solution that looks great year-round. 

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Is concrete tile the same as cement tile? 

A concrete-look tile is a porcelain tile that’s been digitally printed with high-resolution concrete patterns and designs. 

Cement tiles are made with pigments, concrete, and other materials. While the two differ in composition, concrete-look tiles can achieve a similar aesthetic to cement tiles at a fraction of the price. There's also more versatility in terms of shapes and sizes. You can choose 750x750 to 1200x1200 sized large tiles for your outdoor space, or go for small or standard sizes ranging from 350x350 to 600x600. 

Another factor that sets these two apart is the ease of maintenance. Cement/concrete tiles are porous so they retain a lot of moisture and dirt. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, are non-porous, so they are much easier to clean. 


Is it cheaper to tile or concrete? 

You can’t have one without the other! You need concrete to tile. 

  • - Generally, you have to have a concrete slab to tile over unless you are doing pavers. 

If you want to have concrete tile but don’t want to go over budget, your best option is concrete-look porcelain tile. Here’s why it’s cheaper and better to lay than natural concrete tile. 

  • - Concrete-look tiles provide a durable and attractive solution that's cheaper to install, easier to maintain and looks great. 
  • - They are also faster to lay, and you’ll have the added benefit of easily customising your tile's pattern and design. 

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Are concrete-look tiles good for flooring? 

Concrete-look tiles are an excellent choice for flooring, both indoors and outdoors. They provide a durable, low-maintenance solution resistant to fading and staining. 

For outdoor areas with high foot traffic, concrete-look tiles provide practical benefits such as increased durability and slip resistance. 

Choose from our range of slip-resistant outdoor tiles for added peace of mind when hosting gatherings in your outdoor space. 

These stylish tiles will also help protect against mould and mildew growth, making them even easier to maintain over time. 

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Can you install tile directly on concrete outside? 

Yes, tiles can be installed directly on outside concrete, but it's essential to ensure that the concrete surface is clean, levelled and sealed properly before installation. Outdoor concrete offers an ideal foundation for tiling, providing strength, stability, and a smooth surface. 


Are concrete-look tiles for you? 

Made of low-maintenance, durable porcelain with a realistic concrete appearance, concrete-look outdoor tiles offer a sleek, industrial appearance without the high cost of real concrete. 

Concrete-look tiles are an affordable and stylish solution for outdoor spaces. Not only do they provide a practical, low-maintenance finish that looks great year-round, but they also come in a range of styles to suit any space. But how do you know if concrete-look tiles will work for your outdoor space? 

Ask the experts! Request a complimentary tile consultation with one of our designers at your local Tile Space store. We can give sound advice on the best tile selection for your outdoor project may it be for a new residence, group housing development, or renovation. 

But if you're ready to start shopping, head over to our concrete-look tile collection here and find the ideal design that suits your unique taste and transforms your outdoor space into a modern, sophisticated haven!


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