10 Timeless Pool Tile Ideas to Create a Backyard Oasis

21st Jan 2023

10 Timeless Pool Tile Ideas to Create a Backyard Oasis

If you're looking for some inspiration for your pool tiles, look no further! Here at Tile Space, we have compiled a list of the latest trends in pool tiles for 2023. From timeless classics to modern designs, we've got you covered. So whether you're renovating an existing pool or building a new one from scratch, these trends will help you create a stylish space that everyone will love.



What's in this article;

  1. Modern
  2. Luxury
  3. Monochromatic
  4. Resort
  5. Iridescent
  6. Elegant
  7. Mediterranean
  8. Industrial
  9. Feature Walls
  10. Bold Blues


What is a popular pool tile?

Mosaic tile is a classic and popular choice for pool tiling. Whether you choose a subtle, neutral design or a vibrant and eye-catching pattern, mosaic tiles add an extra dimension of style and sophistication to your pool area!


The Bisazza Swimming Pool Tiles

If you are after a mosaic tile that leads the way in technical innovation and is beyond stunning, Bisazza Swimming Pool Tiles' revolutionary hotmelt range could be for you!

Exclusively available in Australia and New Zealand, the hotmelt system uses polyurethane (PU) thermoset adhesive, which is strong, easy to adjust and able to be fully immersed. The PU adhesive is also UV resistant, so it will not darken over its life (non-UV-resistant materials may cause spots to be seen through the mosaic). 

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What is the best colour of tiles for a swimming pool?

When it comes to pool tiles, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The best colour of tiles for a swimming pool will depend on your personal preference and the overall design scheme of your outdoor areas. Each colour has its own effect in a pool and is something you should consider. 


Effects of different pool tile colours

It’s often difficult to judge how specific tile colours will look in a swimming pool filled with water; see below for examples of how tile colours can change when in water.

Pool colour is also affected by several outdoor elements. This could include the colour of the sky, shadowing from trees and buildings and pool depth. The surrounding colours, such as the coping, paving and house, can also influence the tone of colour in the pool.


Blue Pool Tiles 

Opt for blue tiles to create a cool and refreshing atmosphere in your pool area. A popular choice for many people, blue or turquoise tiles help cool the water temperature.

Sky Blue tile

Sky Blue Tile in Pool

Sky Blue Tile | Cotto Mosaic


White Pool Tiles

A white tile will always look elegant in a pool area and can create a feeling of openness and light. White tiles reflect light, making your pool area look bigger and brighter.

Blend Ghiaccio Hotmelt

Blend Ghiaccio Hotmelt in pool

Blend Ghiaccio Hotmelt | Bisazza


Bold and Bright Pool Tiles

If you’re looking for something bolder, opt for bright colours like yellow or green for an eye-catching design.

Green / Blue Tile

Green/Blue tile in pool

Green Blue Tile | Cotto Mosaic 


Neutral Pool Tiles

Neutral shades such as grey, white and beige are great choices that will help ensure your pool remains timeless and elegant for years to come.

Blend Gloria Hotmelt

Blend Gloria Hotmelt

Blend Gloria Hotmelt | Bisazza


Dark Pool Tiles

If you prefer something more daring and dramatic, why not try dark blues or vibrant greens? You could even experiment with black tiles for an even more stunning look!

Black Satin 97mm 4S-Sl-790

Black Satin Tile | Cotto Mosaic


Now that you understand the look and feel each tile colour brings to the pool, it’s time to see how you can style them. Get inspiration from 10 hand-selected pools that scream timeless yet contemporary. 


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10 Timeless Pool Tiling Trends


1. Modern Pool Tile Design

VTC Blend Delhi Hotmelt

Keep things sleek and simple with modern, clean lines. Choose tiles with a glossy finish and pair them with simple patio finishes like neutral tones and pavers.

This pool opts for a clean contrast between the Bisazza Delhi mosaic tile and the concrete pavers. The Delhi tile's dark turquoise effect on the water is the perfect sleek pop of colour against the concrete patio.


2. The Luxury Swimming Pool Tile Look 

Barlavento Caribean Grip Tile in Pool

Make a statement with luxury pool tiling. Choose a mix of large and small tiles in natural shades and finishes. Natural stone look tiling will instantly elevate any outdoor space and creates an effortless feel of luxury.

This pool area uses a combination of natural textures and colours. The light sandstone used for the patio and pool coping is complemented by the clay colouring of the house's exterior, whilst the teal Barlavento Caribbean tile explores deep ocean colouring.


3. Monochromatic Pool Tile Styling

Blend Ghiaccio Hotmelt Tile in Pool

Create an air of sophistication by using a single shade of tile throughout the pool area. Monochrome pool tiling will help create a modern and cohesive design and add depth and dimension to your outdoor area.

The various use of white tiles that range in colouring, textures, and sizes creates a radiant space that makes this pool a major feature of this backyard! The Bisazza Ghiaccio tile is stand-out, lining the entire raised spa pool.


4. Resort Pool Tiling 

Resort Palm Green Tile

Pair earthy blue and green pool tiles with natural patio materials like wood, terracotta, and stone for a resort-style pool area. This will create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

The Resort Palm Green tile is adequately named. Ideal for use in creating your oasis, and the tile blends perfectly with concrete, wood, and greenery, as illustrated in this pool space.


5. An Iridescent Pool Tile Look 

Blend Gloria Hotmelt

If you want to create a unique and eye-catching pool area, consider using glass mosaic tiles to create an iridescent effect. These tiles come in various colours and finishes and excitingly reflect light.

The Bisazza Gloria tile creates an inviting depth of light that contrasts yet complements the rustic homestead-style house. The Bisazza range of glass mosaic tiles is the perfect choice if you want a pool with reflective qualities.

You can also play with pool and patio lighting to create intense reflective effects at night.




6. Elegant Pool Tiling Design 

Barlavento Sea Grip tile in Pool

Elegant pool design incorporates pool tiles with bold, vibrant colours and patios with complementary earthy shades.

This pool area is a warm and inviting space. The traditional sandstone pavers and blue Barlavento Sea tile are a heavenly combination to create a timeless look.

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7. Mediterranean Pool Tile Trend

VTC Blend Bahamas Hotmelt tile in pool

Create a classic Mediterranean feel with terracotta or sand-coloured tiles. Pair these tiles with bright blue and turquoise pool tiles to bring high contrast whilst also imitating an ocean look.

The bright mint Bisazza Bahamas tile perfectly complements the terracotta house exterior and patio. Mosaic tiles are an excellent choice when you are looking to create a Mediterranean-style space, as patterns are vital to this style.


8. Industrial Pool Tile Style 

Blend Ghiaccio Hotmelt tile in pool

Bring your pool area into the 21st century with an industrial-style pool. Choose dark grey tiles for a modern look and contrast them with light patio materials like wood or stone.

The subtle Bisazza Ghiaccio tile is a dreamy addition to the surrounding concrete walls. The mosaic tile, concrete, wood decking, and greenery combination softens this industrial look making it more suitable for a home.


9. Pool Tile Feature Walls

Blend Salice Hotmelt tile in pool

Create a feature wall with statement tiles. Choose vibrant or textured tiles for an eye-catching look that instantly adds character to your pool area.

This pool makes the Bisazza Salice tile a massive feature of its design. Used in the interior, the waterline, exterior walls, and to line the moat floor surrounding the pool. The glass mosaic tile's reflective quality allows it to be a more extraordinary feature when lit up.


10. Bold Blue Pool Tiles

Gemme GM 20.59 Hotmelt

If you’re looking for a classic pool design, try adding blue tiles to your pool area. Choose different shades and finishes of blue to bring contrast, or just opt for one deep shade of blue to create an intense look.

This pool uses a classic combination of blue mosaic tile and natural stone look tiles to produce a clean and fun look. The Bisazza Le Gemme 20.59 has a beautiful intense blue colouring and is a divine choice to use in your pool!


We are constantly exploring the latest pool tile designs, colours, and styles here at Tile Space! We hope you found inspiration in these timeless trends and are ready to start exploring yourself!

With Tile Space’s exclusive range of pool tiles, you can create the dream pool that will become the ultimate outdoor entertainment area! Start exploring today!

Browse our extensive range of pool tiles or contact us today to speak with one of our experienced team members.

We can’t wait to help you create a pool that will be the envy of your neighbourhood!

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