Modern Pool Waterline Tile Ideas for Summer 2024

22nd Nov 2023

Modern Pool Waterline Tile Ideas for Summer 2024

Pool waterline tiles aren't just an aesthetic addition to your pool, they also serve a functional purpose by protecting the swimming pool waterline from NZ's harsh sun and making cleaning easy for you. We've compiled six modern ideas for waterline tiles that are on-trend and stunning as well as practical.


1. Classic with a Modern Twist

While blue might feel overdone, it's not! Pairing shades of blues and greens is a classic look for a reason. Modernise this look by pairing glass tiles in shades of blue or green and creating a subtle contrast. The Bisazza Blend Paola Hotmelt tile and the Barlavento Sea Grip tile are fantastic examples of this look.

Blend Paola Hotmelt

Barlavento Sea Grip 14.5

Bisazza Blend Paola HotmeltBarlavento Sea Grip tile


2. Sleek and Stylish

A pool’s edge can be a focal point that defines the pool design. The black-and-white colour palette will always be a good combination, and this pool proves it.

Choose an elegant white tile for your waterline and contrast it with darker pool tile - this is sure to make your pool a feature of your backyard!

The combination of the Bisazza Blend Ghiaccio Hotmelt tile and our Cotto Black Satin 97mm tile is an excellent example. The texture of the Ghiaccio tile creates a point of intrigue against the sleek Black Satin tile.

Blend Ghiaccio Hotmelt

Black Satin 97mm 4S-Sl-790

Bisazza Blend Ghiaccio Hotmelt
Cotto Black Satin 97mm


3. Mix It Up

Having a layered waterline is a fun way to modernise your pool’s edge. Choose a bolder tile for the waterline and contrast this with a more subtle tile in a complementary colour.

To recreate this layered look, we recommend using our Bisazza Gemme 20.57 Hotmelt tile as the main feature of your waterline. For the contrasting layer, choose our Bisazza VTC 20.96 Hotmelt tile to create an eye-catching look.

Gemme GM 20.57 Hotmelt

Bisazza Gemme 20.57 Hotmelt


4. Timeless Yet Trendy

A black and white patterned tile is the iconic geometric pattern we all love! While it may seem like a safe choice, it is a timeless look that will never go out of style - meaning neither will your pool!

Our Vitra RAL 9016 White Matt tile is perfect for a modern pool waterline design. Contrast this with our Vitra RAL 1500 Black Matt tile to create a simple geometric pattern. If you're looking to create a more interesting look, you could further contrast your tiles by using our Bisazza Blend Tripoli Hotmelt as the pool tile.

RAL 9016 White Matt 15

RAL 1500 Black Matt 15

Blend Tripoli Hotmelt

Vitra RAL 9016 White MattVitra RAL 1500 Black MattBisazza Blend Tripoli Hotmelt


5. Glass, Glass, Glass!

Gemme GM 20.49 Hotmelt

This sleek pool uses the VTC 20.96 Hotmelt glass tile to create a creative and intriguing design. For an even more contemporary look, pair a glass edge with our Blend Delhi Hotmelt tile or our Magma Design Blu Gloss tile. These dark and textured tiles will match the gleaming nature of the glass waterline.

VTC Blend Delhi Hotmelt

Magma Design Blu Gloss 14.5

Blend Delhi HotmeltMagma Design Blu Gloss tile


6. Coordinating and Cohesive

This modern pool design uses our Bisazza Gemme 20.49 Hotmelt tile in two different applications. Most notably as a feature wall and waterline, and then repeats it on the edging of the pool steps.

The coordinating aspects connect this pool while adding interest to what could have been an otherwise plain pool.


What kind of tile is best for the pool waterline?

A modern pool waterline will usually consist of porcelain or glass tiles. These highly durable and corrosion-resistant materials are ideal for a pool environment. Both porcelain and glass tiles come in a variety of styles and colours.

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What colour should the pool water line tile be?

The colour of the pool waterline tile can either blend in with the pool’s surrounding landscape or stand out as a modern design feature.

Blue pool waterlines look stunning when paired with white tiles and light blue shades.

You could also contrast your modern pool design by pairing dark tiles with lighter tones for an eye-catching effect.

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Can ceramic tile be used as a pool waterline?

No. Although ceramic tiles can be used in various other areas around the pool, they should not be used as a pool waterline.

Ceramic tiles are porous and absorb more moisture than porcelain or glass tiles, making them unsuitable for use in a pool environment and chlorinated water.


Is a darker or lighter pool liner better?

The answer depends on the look you are going for. Generally, lighter pool liners will help to open up a smaller space and reflect light, making your pool seem brighter and more inviting.

Darker pool liners create a contrast that can be bold and eye-catching.


What colour makes a pool look bigger?

Lighter colours tend to make a pool appear bigger. To create the illusion of more space, choose lighter shades and hues for your pool’s edging and waterline tile.

Modern glass mosaic tiles also help open up the area while adding interest.


Can you do a pool without waterline tile?

Yes, you can do a pool without waterline tile, but we generally only recommend this if you intend to fully tile your pool interior instead. However, if your budget or design doesn’t allow for a fully tiled pool, having a tile waterline is a great way to make your pool look more attractive, protect against erosion, and help keep the area around the pool clean.


How to choose a waterline tile

When selecting a waterline tile, consider the following:

  • The size and shape of your pool
  • The look you are trying to achieve
  • Overall design of your backyard.

There are countless options for pool waterline tile ideas, so take your time to find the perfect tile for your pool. Additionally, you can always consult with a Tile Space expert who can help guide you in finding the right waterline tile that compliments your home and garden.

Our friendly team of experts are always available to help you select the right pool waterline tile for your project. Explore our pool tile collection here or visit us in-store for a complimentary consultation.


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