How To Use Chevron Wall Tiles To Elevate Your Home Design

11th Sep 2023

How To Use Chevron Wall Tiles To Elevate Your Home Design

Chevron tiles are timeless and have long been used in tile design to adorn the floors and walls of bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, to add pattern and embed a sense of energy in a space. They have become increasingly popular this year, so you've probably had a lot of chevron tile designs pop up in your Instagram and Pinterest feeds. If you're considering adding chevron tiles to your own home design and want to know more about their potential and how to use them, this post is for you. 

We’ll delve into the intricacies of chevron tiles, explore the different patterns and give you tips on where and how you can use them in your home, and answer some of the frequently asked questions about styling chevron tiles in NZ. Let's get started!


What is Chevron tile?

Waterfall dark chevron tile

The Waterfall Dark Chevron Tile


Chevron tile patterns and variations

Chevron tiles feature a cool zigzag or arrow-style pattern, bringing a fresh and modern vibe to your walls and floors. Not to be confused with herringbone tiles, chevron tiles have edges that meet at an angle, creating a seamless and continuous flow. 

As shown in the image above, you can use these tiles in all areas of your home, including bathrooms, living room, outdoor spaces and kitchen splashbacks.

The beauty of chevron tiles lies in their ability to create multiple patterns and design possibilities, allowing for endless creativity and personalisation. You can opt for a traditional chevron tile pattern by laying each piece in a zig-zag formation, with each tile interlocking with the next. If you want a more exciting option, experiment with the angles of the chevron, tilting it at different degrees like above to get a unique and fun pattern.


How to use chevron tiles in your home design 

Here are three ways to use chevron tiles in your home.


Chevron tiles for kitchen splashbacksCarrara Porcelain Chevron Matt Tile

The Carrara Porcelain Chevron Matt tile laid horizontally on a kitchen splashback.

The Carrara Porcelain Chevron Matt tile laid vertically. 

Spruce up your kitchen with the delightful charm of chevron tiles for splashbacks. These mesmerising V-shaped wonders add a dash of elegance and pizzazz, making your kitchen a vibrant and stylish space. 

For more splashback inspiration, check out these eight kitchen splashback ideas.


Chevron tiles for bathroom walls

Nordic islanda chevron tile

The Nordic Islanda Chevron Tile

Bring life to your bathroom walls with chevron tiles. For a unique twist, pair the chevron bathroom tile with other contrasting tiles for a striking effect, like in the image above. 

You can also use these tiles for your bathroom floors, to create a seamless flow of captivating design.

Waterfall Grey Chevron Tile

The Waterfall Gray Chevron Tile

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Chevron tiles for feature walls

waterfall dark chevron tile

The Waterfall Dark Chevron Tile

Transform your living room, hallway or outdoor area with a chevron-tiled feature wall. Add a burst of energy and character with this playful pattern, creating a focal point that wows everyone who enters.


Styling chevron tiles: Kiwi designer answers your questions

Tile Space consultant and designer Moet Walker answers your questions about styling chevron tiles. 


Is chevron tile still trendy? 

Yes! Chevron tiles are still seen in a lot of designs, especially in wooden flooring, be that real wood or wood look tiles. Chevrons are a timeless style for the floor because it brings pattern and a feature without being too busy. 


What is the difference between herringbone and chevron tile? 

Chevron and Herringbone are commonly perceived as the ‘same’. They are different in the sense that chevrons have a diagonal cut at the edge of each rectangle end, allowing for a continuous zigzag pattern rather than a staggered one; the tiles meet flush at the top. Herringbone tiles are constructed using two rectangular tiles one goes above the other like a V weave, creating a staggered zigzag effect. 

See the difference here;

Herringbone TilesChevron Tiles

Piastrella Aqua Mix 5x25

Waterfall Gray Chevron
Aqua Mix | Piastrella
Gray Chevron | Waterfall


Does Chevron tile make a room look bigger? 

Depending how you lay it and which size you select will determine this. Generally, using a small chevron en-mass will make the room feel busier and, therefore, smaller. Meanwhile, using a larger chevron on a small floor can give the illusion of a wider or longer space. It's the same if it's a low ceiling -laying the point vertically can give the illusion of a higher ceiling. 


Recap of using chevron tiles in your home design 

We hope this guide has helped you understand the potential of using chevron tiles to elevate your home design. Here are a few key points to remember: 

  • Chevron tiles are a classic tile design used for floors and walls in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. 
  • They have a zigzag or arrow-style pattern, and their edges meet at an angle, creating a continuous flow. 
  • Different patterns and designs are possible depending on the angle and placement of the tiles. 
  • You can use the patterns in all areas of the home, including bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and outdoor spaces. 
  • Chevron tiles are still trendy and can be used to create a timeless style for the floor. 
  • Chevron and Herringbone tiles are different - chevrons have diagonal cut edges, while Herringbone tiles have a staggered zigzag effect. 
  • Chevron tiles can make a room feel smaller or larger depending on the size and layout of the tiles, but they can also give the illusion of a wider or longer space or a higher ceiling. 

Want a better idea of what chevron tiles look like in your own space? Pop into any Tile Space store to experience Design Space - our new tile rendering service that brings your ideas to life! Or, if you're ready to browse chevron tiles, click here to explore our floor and wall tile collection.


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